Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's a girl to do with all her extra bling?

Do you find you have extra bling laying around? More than enough and just not sure where to put it? What to do with it? You know the kind that shines, drapes and hangs nicely? I find this time of year I have a lot of extra bling just laying around. Now girls, I'm talking about ornaments. What did you think I was talking about ? You didn't think I was talking about something else did you? You must speak to your significant other for that type of bling.. lol
After I finished "most" of the decorating I discovered I had a few extra ornaments left over. Don't we all? The tree was full to over flowing, to the point I was scared if you walked heavy across the floor it might fall over. So.. I put my thinking cap on.. What was I to do with all the extras? Off I went shopping around the house. Then it came to me. Earlier in the day I had been doing some organizing and remembered all the great garden urns stacked on the shelves. I needed one with some character. Something that would lean on the side of vintage. And, there it was. Dirty brown, ball feet.. Oh it was going to be perfect !!

I've had these wonderful beaded ornaments for a few years and have used them in many different ways. This is how they ended up this year.
Aren't they pretty? The glass hanging beads are from my Victorian Era. I think they work perfect in my old world vintage setting.
I have quite the "collection" of clocks and thought the clock and magnifying glass added a bit of vintage flair.

I was playing around and took the clock, magnifying glass and red lace away. I think it looks a bit on the under dressed side now. What do you think?

I love tassels and hang them everywhere.

Oh, I think I prefer the clock, magnifying glass and red lace.. Much more festive and has a bit more of a finished look. Don't you agree?

So.. girls go forth. Shop your garage, storage closet, shed, under the bed or any where else you might store your extra containers. Bring them out and put them to good use. I'll be anxious to hear how you use your urns or other containers. Thanks for swinging by. I'm off to make some
fresh popcorn. hugs ~lynne~