Monday, February 4, 2013

~ Flipping The Sunporch From Winter to Spring ~

 With Punxsutawney Phil forecasting an early Spring that has given me the green light to start flipping the sun porch over from Winter decor to Spring decor. I'm ready to let the bunnies out, add some lighter floral decor and enjoy the sun pouring through the windows. I have a list a mile long of things I'd really like to change out here, they'll come as time permits.
I'm so glad I decided to paint the walls this delicious color of green. It's a bright and happy color no matter the time of day or night. We lived in the house for 3 years before adding on the 3 car garages, in the process we decided to add the sun porch in between, originally meant to be a breezeway which usually turns into a wind tunnel. I'm so glad the decision was made to close it in, adding yet another room for me to enjoy decorating. Over the past 16 years it's gone through quite a few decorating changes.

When we moved from our other home the antique kitchen cabinet was used as a display piece in a small room used for clients to stop by and shop. After the addition of the garages and sun porch were made, the decision to open the shop was still on the back burner the piece needed a home, the inside was full, the sun porch was the perfect venue. A few years back while Mr. P was still able to get around he helped me re-glue all the loose legs, now that baby is as sturdy as it can be. As you can see it holds quite a few things. Come closer and take a look.
Once the room was painted I raided the pantry and brought all the green dishes out to display behind the glass doors. The plates all the way in the back with the green ivy trim belonged to Mother, you may recall seeing them in a tablescape HERE.
Here's a little better shot of the ivy edged plates.
Everyone knows I love my bunnies, doesn't matter the shape or color. Quite a while back I found the weather vane bunny at Target. I recall at the time paying $29.99 , I didn't feel that was too bad a price for this treasure. The large green vase was gift from my girlfriend many years ago. For the longest time I had green in the dining room and it was used as a centerpiece on the dining room table. I think it's the perfect fit for this room.
The small tea set was mine as a child, one of the grands broke a couple of the pieces and are now glued. I don't take it out often but recall vividly the day Mother gave it to me, that memory always puts a smile on my face. The rabbit tureen was purchased while still working outside the home.
While shopping at Nell Hill's last summer I spotted these darling bird plates, I knew immediately they would be the perfect fit for the sun porch.
For as long as I can remember I've always loved an old screen door. Mr. P brought this home to me about 10 years ago. My eyes filled with tears the day he said come out and see what I brought you, the thoughtfulness of him knowing how much I love old screen doors was such a priceless gesture.

Have your started getting out your Spring decor or do you wait until the first day of Spring? Our winter has been so fickle this year, I'm ready for the grass to green up, push those windows open and let the fresh breezes blow in.

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