Saturday, August 6, 2011


Originally posted August of 2009, I wanted to share how well Mr. P was doing. Bailey is now 11 and enjoyed viewing some of the good times spent with his Papa on Little John. Little John is now gone, Mr. P no longer gets on tractors, but our memories still live on.
I'm linking up with Chari for "Sunday Favorites". Chari thank you for hosting each week, it gives us a chance to go back through our archives and relive happier times. Lots of memories are stirred, lots of laughter in the house along with big smiles and more pictures to take to share another time.

Welcome to another Outdoor Wednesday Event. Hosted by our Susan from This is a day we all get to show off our outdoor beauty. So, let's get going..

Many of you know around here we never know what's going to take place. I'm so thankful for the camera to take pictures of all the good times that are occurring. This is "not" a repeat of last weeks Outdoor Wednesday. It wasn't planned, just sort of happened. Boy, am I glad it did.
A few years back this is how it looked when Bailey wanted to go for a ride on his Papa's tractor. I would take him in hand and walk him down and lift him up. Now... Bill reaches down to take Bailey's hand. And Bailey climbs up on his own.
Buckle up....
Now, Papa it's your turn.. buckle up!!
Good job Papa!!

Looks like everyone is checking gauges. lol
Something sure made Mr. P smile.. lol
Must have been down right funny. :-))
Even Miss Scooter loves going for a ride on Little John.
That's my girl. Usually she's a bit camera shy. I'm so glad she sat still long enough for me to get this picture.
They were so generous to stop long enough for me take the pictures. Look at those smiles. They knew it was going on the blog. lol
Bailey told his PaPa it was time to go.
Hang on folks! We're off!! lol

I hope you enjoyed another day with Mr. P and his tractor. This time with Bailey and Miss Scooter. I'm always so thankful for each good day we have like this one. A man, his grandson and his faithful companion all wrapped up in one package. What more could a man ask for? Days like this are priceless.
Thanks for swinging by and saying hello. We always love when you come for a visit. Don't forget to swing by Susan's at for a full list of participants. You're in for a treat. ... hugs ~lynne~