Friday, May 20, 2011

~ Gentle Breezes ~

While working in the yard the middle of the week putting mulch down the gentle breezes were so welcoming. Anything for a break from lifting those heavy bags I stopped and took pictures of the beautiful Pink Weigela in full bloom. If you would like to learn more about Weigela bushes you can go here.

After our last huge snow storm I had my driveway fairy pull the railroad ties we put down  almost 14 years ago. All the weed-eating and painting of the ties was becoming quite the burden. Along with the ties I had  6 small trees struggling to survive, we pulled those and 2 other Weigela bushes. I put off pulling this one to see after a good pruning if it would survive, as you can see it did. I'm so glad I gave it another chance, the beauty when you drive in is wonderful.
Hidden in the shade of the bush we have pink and white blooms.

As I put the finishing touches on this post, we have humid temperatures, cloudy skies and the promise of rain all weekend. Perfect weather for me to be inside finishing up the painting. I have just a bit of the kitchen left to go and all the rooms will be done. Then I can concentrate more on the outside and sharing tons of pictures with all of you. I hope all of you are having a super weekend!