Saturday, June 4, 2011

~ Where Do You Keep It All? - Part 2 ~

I'm so excited to be joining The Tablescaper for this great party.
Where Do You Keep It All? - Part 2
I hurriedly shot some pictures so you can see a
small area of where I keep some of my dishes.
Come into the kitchen.
A while back I worked my tale end off to be
able to have this beautiful White Hutch
in my kitchen. What it holds varies with
the season. You see it now holds the blue
and white dishes.

Let me open the doors so you can
have a closer look.

The bottome shelf holds the lacey edged dishes
purchased from Walmart last
fall and almost returned. I'm so glad I held
onto them. Beside them are a few of the blue and white
Currier & Ives a gift from Mother many years ago.


A gal has to have a few other pieces to
decorate with, so I added a wooden tray a
few blue glasses, a cheese dome and few
other items.

A few years ago we took a wall out and
extended the kitchen into what then was
the third bedroom. I knew the closet was
going to be the perfect spot for a walk-in
pantry. Not wanting the standard
door I purchased a screen door, stained
it and asked Mr. P to hang it for me. The
man thought I was truly NUTS!
We've had the Antique Bread Sign for years, I
new the screen door was the perfect
spot in this home to hang it.
Let me turn the light on so
you can get a closer look.
On the bottom shelf you find a few Christmas dishes
and cups.
A few fall dishes.
Chargers for all seasons stacked and
ready to go for a tablescape.
A woven basket with red liner holds
quite a few of the placemats.
A shelf for the salt and pepper shakers.
My favorite dishes for Easter. In the corner the Bordello
cake stand. Next to it are various shades of green
plates stacked and ready to go.
On your left are Butterfly Meadow dishes
by Lenox. And on the right are my
beloved Royal Stafford.

Another shelf finds some Waterford,
and Asian toile dishes.
Way up high you'll find some Yellow
Toile, along with the glass cake stand.
A few candle holders, and to the right
are Christmas glasses.
I used a coated wire shelf to house
a few of the glass votive holders.

A wooden box a gift from my girlfriend for
my birthday a while back holds some
silver flatware. The clear shoe box holds the
colored flatware.
Across the kitchen I have a cabinet above the desk. This
is where I sit in the evenings and visit with
all of you, if I'm not out on the front
porch. But.. I digress....I had a local carpenter in
town build me new cabinet doors with glass fronts. I really
wish I had been more specific when I was
describing what I wanted. I didn't want the panels
I wanted a solid piece of glass so all the dishes
could be showcased. Anyhoo.....that's on
the list of things to have changed out one day. In the
mean time let me give you a closer look
at what's behind the panels.
Cobalt blue... I AM IN LOVE! I love cobalt blue
and the feeling it gives. The top shelf holds
glasses a dear friend gave us as a wedding
gift almost 34 years ago.
Other side houses more cobalt blue
and my beloved bunny glasses. I've
had them now for many many years.
I'm not sure why I have them upside
down, I really need to turn them
up right.! :-))

Thank you for stopping by to see just a
few places where I Keep It All. I enjoy and
appreciate all of your kind comments
I'm off to see
the other participants that have joined
The Tablescaper for this great