Tuesday, September 20, 2011

~ Mums the Word ~

I hope all of you are enjoying the beautiful fall weather like we are. After a weekend of cloudy skies and rain, the past couple of days have been beyond gorgeous. Way to pretty to be inside..
I'm still trying to dress the outside of the shop up for fall. Over the course of the summer I lost the trees that stood on each side of the arbor, I was heart sick, they had been there for many years. Any hoo... while  grocery shopping the other day I spotted these beautiful mums. Perfect! The space has felt  a tad empty. I think this is the perfect solution.
I wanted and needed something with a bit of height to it, the ornamental grass was the answer. Just now showing off their buds, once in full bloom I'll have the needed punch of color as well.

Naturally, Murphy had to join us for the outside decorating. ;-)
I'm so glad you stopped by to see a bit more of the outside fall shop decor, still a bit early to add the pumpkins, those are next on the list of things to do.
Susan, thank you for hosting each week. I'm off to see all the other beautiful outdoor participants.