Tuesday, August 14, 2012

~ Lake Views ~

Saturday was one of those days I call letter perfect, sunny, slight breeze
dogs lounging on the porch, need I go on? 
I hope you had one of
those fabulous type days too.
It isn't often Mr. P says he would like to go for a ride, so when
he asked if I would get the mule out and take him down
to see how the low the lake was, I was happy to.
A few years back we had his son-in-law build the pilaster to hold
the walk-way that leads over to the island. 
Under "normal" conditions you wouldn't see any of this,
the water would be almost to the top, you can
see how the drought has effected the lake tables.

Normally you see about half the pipe. 

View of the island driving back to the house. 
Look who's waiting patiently for our return.
The drought this year has been tough on the grass. 
The taller grass you see is just this side 
of the terrace and is cut into hay.

If anything the ferns have flourished this year. They love
the southern exposure.
I say they finish  dressing the front porch.
Thanks for stopping by to take a short tour of the lake
with us. I hope you enjoyed seeing the front side of the house,
and the porch where I spend my evenings. Over the next
little bit I plan to get a large majority of these bushes pulled 
and hauled off. It depends upon the weather, I would really like
to have some rain so pulling them won't be like pulling concrete
all in good time huh?
hugs ~Lynne ~
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