Sunday, August 14, 2011

~ Newly Matted ~

Remember in the early 90's the popular colors were deep hunter green and burgundy? I fell in love with them and used them through out my home, I'm sure many of you still have those colors and that's great. I've discovered over time, not to go with a trend but what's in my heart and my budget, to let my style shine through.
During that era in my life I was doing a lot of counted cross stitch projects. The one I'm sharing today happens to be one of my favorites.

You can see  after I finished the counted cross stitch I had it framed and matted with the colors of the time. Due to it's odd size I had to have it professionally matted and framed, expensive at the time, I've lived with it all these years. Now getting something re-framed or re-matted isn't quite as expensive. There are many outlets out there that will do those types of things fairly inexpensively.
After the painting was finished, I noticed the mat had faded a bit and was quite dated. It was ready for a change and so was I. If you over look the glare you can see the colors in the letters and all the hard work I put into this beauty. :-))
~~ TA  DAH ~~
 I went with a double chocolate mat, feeling it pulled the colors out of the counted cross lettering.


 I'm extremely pleased with the way it turned out. The colors flow nicely in the dining room. I wish the pictures had turned out a bit better to show off it's true beauty. If you have a picture you love that might be a bit on the dated side, consider changing out the mat or the frame for a new piece of art in your home.

Thank you for stopping and saying hello. Susan, thank you for hosting each week.