Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mary Carol's Kitchen Part IV

Hi Everyone, I hope you've been enjoying the tour of Mary Carol's home and her shops. For you first time visitors, Mary Carol Garrity better known as Nell Hill, owns 3 stores and has authored many books. If you've missed the earlier posts, you can catch up Part I Here, Part II here, and Part III here, I hope I didn't bore you with too many posts, there was just so much I wanted to share with all of you. This is our last and final post of the weekend I spent having a fun day out, I'm glad so many of you came along via cyberspace to enjoy the fun with me.

 Last time we left off, I left you all to shop. Did you find tons of things you'd love to have? Lots of ideas to incorporate into your home? I know I did. I've put some of those into action already, it's time to get back to reality and my own home. lol 

The last and final installment is Mary Carol's kitchen and breakfast nook. Her kitchen isn't large, her decor however pops a wallop!
The trend leaned towards the vintage side of things this year, it particularly hit home for me. I love anything vintage, things that have a timeless look. I'm glad I've hung onto decorations I've had for years, I'm going to pull them out and incorporate them into my decor this year.

I love the way she rolled her napkins in the small silver dish, definitely an idea I'm going to borrow, just as soon as I can find a similar looking tray. lol
I usually decorate more with snowmen, but this little guy stole my heart. I loved all the vintage ornaments hanging, if I had a light fixture like this I would borrow this idea too. :-))

Silver was everywhere. I've used some of my vintage glasses like this for years however, I did pull out a silver tray to put more of a finish touch on the vignette.  I apologize for the glare and not so good quality of the photos. As I said earlier, the crowds were heavy and you had to keep moving. I'm glad those behind us were gracious and waited patiently for me to take pictures, at least if they weren't we didn't hear any rumblings about me stopping so often. :-))

Sweet lamp..aaaaahhhhh I need to pick up another cord cozy for an area in my kitchen.

As we leave, I wanted to share one last shot of Mary Carol's dining room. Don't you love the sweet slip covered chairs? The box pleat reminds me of skirts I use to wear, that are now back in style. If you have any of her books, you'll see she's had these for years. I love the look and the color, in our home cream or white slip covers wouldn't make it past a day before they would have to be pulled and laundered. Doesn't keep a girl from dreaming though. lol

Thank all of you so much for swinging in and touring Mary Carol's home and shop with me. I've enjoyed each and everyone of your comments. Bloggers are just the best when it comes to support and kind words!! Each of your comments bring tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.

Susan, thank you for taking the time each week to host this fabulous party.