Monday, March 2, 2009

A Ginger of Blue Monday & An Update

A short update gals. Mr. P. is doing well right now. He's had 3 remarkably good days in a row. We're hoping they finally have his medication where it is suppose to be so he will continue to improve. We head to the doctor again this week for another lab and we'll see what those counts are. We can't thank you enough for all of your prayers and emails with words of support. I never imagined there would be this kind of support out there. I truly feel blessed to know each and everyone of you. I've tried to get around to thank you individually, if I haven't please forgive me and know it was unintentional if I missed you. I'm just a bit on the loony tune side right now.. OK.. so I'm there all the time.... lol... just a bit more right now! The Energizer Bunny is back to "full" blogging mode... I've missed each and everyone of off we go:

It's Blue Monday.. hosted by our gracious Sally over at where you'll find a full list of blue participants. I personally can't wait to see all the posts today full of their beautiful blues... After getting home and back in the "normal" routine around here, I've changed things up once again. The Ginger Jar centerpiece is a gift Mr. P. gave me almost 30 years ago. Isn't it "gorgeous"? I love the deep cobalt blue and the golden yellow in the flowers.
I moved the metal plate in from the living area. I thought the gold center stone went well with the yellow gold of the flower.

We picked up the ginger jar from a floral shop that was closing out. I immediately fell in love with the colors. I can't remember what he paid for it, but trust me it was pretty dog gone cheap!! You see Mr. P. as generous as he is, doesn't really think all these do-nothing things are all that On the bottom it reads Ardalt Primavera Made in Italy 4421. I googled Ardalt Primavera and many things came up, so if you're interested you might google it as well.

It's even pretty on the backside.. lol Isn't the cobalt blue absolutely "gorgeous"?
I couldn't resist including the shot of the sun shining through the plate. Almost an angelic glow don't you agree ? Perched at the bottom of the concrete base are 2 of the cutest little squirrels sitting a top their acorn finds.
Isn't he just the cutest thing? He's sure proud of his acorn find..look at that tail in the air.. such attitude.. :-))
This little guy seems to be hanging on to his find for dear life..
I had to move him out of the glow of the sun so you could see his darling face.
With Easter around the corner and my love for bunnies, I decided to put the squirrels away for now. I pulled out the stone bunny and the darling wooden bunny to add to the decor.
Just look at those faces. Aren't they just the cutest? They appear to be smiling to me. :-)
Okay, maybe this little guy is looking "almost" shy like. It's okay sweetie. All these nice ladies love bunnies too!
Isn't he a beauty?

Yes, I believe I'll leave the bunnies out. I'm so glad you decided to stop in to see my contribution to Blue Monday. Thanks to our Sally for being a sweetie and hosting such a wonderful event. Don't forget to stop by Sally's blog for a full list of participants. You can click on the logo and it will take you right to the spot full of Blue.. Now, I'm off to check them out see you there...
hugs ~lynne~