Wednesday, November 30, 2011

~ Dining Alfresco ~

For those of you that came to the Open House you might remember the outside table set up to welcome you. I love decorating the outside for the Holidays. With our cooler temperatures and the weather doing a drastic change there won't be any dining outside. I thought I would share a few close ups for those of you that didn't come by for the Open House.
I love the use of burlap as a tablecloth, adding the velvet ribbon adds another texture. The soft feel of satin cushions along with fine linens spark some excitement.

Mixing china pieces make a tablescape exciting along with fun. Last year I used the same dessert plate, the red and white plaid speaks Christmas to me.
All of you know I'm over the top with anything animal related. The small pup reminds me of Miss Scooter always waiting patiently for Mr.P. The plate is peaceful and serene, it's only need is a piece of  Chocolate cake. :-))
Do you prefer coffee, tea or possibly hot apple cider for your drink? The curvy handle of the cup sits gracefully upon the worn edges of the saucer ready for your drink of choice.
I just recently started layering napkins. After viewing many of your blogs I realized the layering effect is fun and adds more excitement. It also made me organize all of those napkins according to colors and seasons. lol
Pulling the napkin through the silver napkin ring pulls the table together. Although it doesn't show well  the charger is silver, had to add a bit more bling. :-))

For the centerpiece I used the hurricane globe with the candle on a timer. With all the winds we've been having this was the logical choice. The reds and greens on the foiled covered Santa's flow nicely with the red in the napkin and red and green plaid of the dessert plate.
Across the patio...

Thank you for stopping in to say hello.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

~ The Powder Room Gets A Grown Up Look ~

It always amazes me when I look back through pictures and wander why on earth I had not changed things out sooner than later. Most times dollars are an issue, it's not that my mind doesn't work in fast forward, I think we just get complacent and let things slide, anyway I'm finding lately I do that more times than not. There are just too many other things that have to be taken care of before my wants and desires. Do you ever have those types of issues?
When I was preparing for the Open House this year I realized the powder room definitely needed an update. Come along I'll share a few of those changes.
Quite a while back I had done a lot of faux painting, and when I say a lot, I do mean a lot, every room in the house had fauxed walls except for the kitchen. My girlfriend and I got our heads together shared some paint to cut on costs and I got busy. I went with Mary Carol's Front Porch, a light shade of blue. Now folks, this is way outside my comfort zone. I'm more of a jeweled tone kind of gal, I prefer soft taupe's, and greens.. so going with this light shade of blue was a true shock to the system.
Notice the wood walls to the right of the picture? Yes, you got it, same wood I have in the sun porch. That's a story for another day.
A country style mirror, there's nothing wrong with country style, just not the look I had in mind, so the mirror had to go as well. I got busy searching on line it seemed like for days, finally ran across one only to discover it wouldn't get here in time, so back to shopping with vendors, Yah!!! success I found the perfect mirror.
The sweet little table was a garage sale find many many years ago,  I gave $3.00 for it and another similar one. I love this sweet little drop leaf. It's one of those great floater pieces, floats from one room to another, looks like it might have found it's forever home in the downstairs powder room. :-))
Ta-Dah!! All blue, wood and all, I'm so glad the wood is covered, the room seems to be more uniform now.
I'm still trying to decide what to hang on the wall to the right. I'm not sure why there is so much yellow in these pictures, I hope you over look that little issue. I pray it is not my camera, I just cannot handle one more oops this week.
At the opposite end is the utility sink, a small work table and the hot water heater. I use to do a lot of painting when I was traveling with the crafts, the utility sink came in quite handy for washing out brushes, the side table great for laying things out to dry. The side  table got a good sanding and a fresh coat of white paint. The white curtain hiding the hot water heater is actually 2 twin sheets, the cost was $6.00. A lot cheaper than buying fabric, cutting and hemming all of it. All I had to do was turn the top down, make a pocket for the rod and I was good to go.
Not to leave anything untouched, I added the lamp and a small dish full of ornaments with a bit of greenery as a welcome to those using the powder room during the Open House. I love to mix textures, the wow factor is amazing.
Remember this is a basement powder room, and I'm working on a very "slim" budget. I didn't like the exposed pipes, so I pulled the small shutters out of the stash of goodies, stood them up and voila' most of the pipes were covered.
With a full shot you can see the area to the left of the sink is pretty good size. I forgot to take a picture of the paper towel holder that use to sit here, keeping with the silver theme I chose the silver tray to hold the hand towels.
I've wanted to change the sink out many times over the years, and just never enough dollars to go around, so I made a cute little skirt to cover a multitude of sins, like pipes and a few cleaning supplies. Cost was just a few dollars for the black ribbon, fabric was a gift from a friend a few years ago.

Voila' !! The grown up mirror. I absolutely love the powder room now, oh rest assured I could still change a few things, those are in the back of my mind, and are the one day list.
Thank you for popping in I love when you do...

Monday, November 28, 2011

~ Chocolate and Oranges ~

Hello everyone, I hope you had a fabulous weekend.

The Chocolate covered ottoman in the front room is always a fun area to decorate. Last year I used the Chocolate Santa in the same area, just a different setting. You can see those pictures HERE. I love to reuse my favorites in different ways.
When I started decorating the silver tray I used this beautiful vintage green dish. I liked it, then realized I needed a larger bowl. With the size of the tray I felt a little more presence was needed.
Shopping the house I remembered this beautiful dish that normally sits in the entertainment center bookshelf in my office.

I've had the Cinnamon Clove Oranges for many years, I knew this year I wanted to use them in this area of our home.  Adding a few pine cones and greenery put the finishing touches on a beautiful bowl.
I like to leave things out through the Holidays that have personal meaning to me. After all that's what Christmas decorating is all about isn't it? Bringing memories to the surface to make you smile and make your heart sing.

I brought the small silver cup in from the kitchen, added the crystal orb for a bit of bling. :-))

I'm so glad you came by, I enjoy all of your visits. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

~ An Annual Event ~

Hi Everyone,
Are you all still stuffed from your Turkey dinners? Did you survive the "crazy" shopping on Friday? Many around here left early Thursday evening and didn't get back home until late on Friday. Don't you know they are pooped? I haven't left the house since Wednesday, after all the cooking, cleaning up, playing Jenga with the kids I got busy decorating the tree. It's almost complete! Yah! Then I'll move onto other areas with more trees.

It's an annual event for many to head to Crown Center for the Annual Lighting Ceremony. I personally have never been ground level. Many years ago we flew over the area with friends, it is truly a magical site. I borrowed these shots from a local newspaper, I normally don't borrow photos, I like taking my own, since I'm unable to get there, this is just as good. :-)) They were just too pretty not to share.

Again borrowed from their Website: There is no place in Kansas City- or any other city - quite like Union Station. This fully restored landmark is Kansas City's most prominent destination for cultural and entertainment activities. If you would like to read up on Kansas City's Union Station you can go HERE.
Christmas tree inside Union Station.
The Mayor's Christmas tree and fireworks....

I hope you're having a fabulous Saturday.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

~ Happy Thanksgiving ~

We're so thankful to have each and everyone of you in our lives, you've blessed us in so many ways. May you  all have safe travels, eat lots of turkey, ham or food of choice,  hug the ones you love today enjoy the laughter. From our home to yours......

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

~ Added Some Spode to the Table ~

~ Happy Thanksgiving Everyone ~
I'm sure you think I must have gone off the deep end. Yes, same dinnerware as last week, I've just done a bit more tweaking. Although the table was fine before, you can see that HERE, after looking at the pictures I felt it needed just a bit more. Funny really, I serve buffet style, at least I got to play with the dishes more than once before they get put away for the season. lol
The deer don't seem to be floating on the table now. I added some bittersweet vine along with the runner.
The bittersweet and candle centerpiece seem to flow as one now.

A tad more stacking went on.....

After all it is Turkey day, so in honor I pulled out Celebration by Spode, pretty fitting huh? I've had them a few years, this will be the first time using them. :-))

In the background stands the Christmas tree. I brought it up on Sunday, the grandson requested I wait until he comes to help decorate. I'm so glad he still wants to, I'm sure those days are getting fainter by the year.

From our home to yours Happy Thanksgiving..