Tuesday, May 17, 2011

~ Solitary Evening ~

The past few days I've been in the yard working, drawing from the archives I found an earlier post to share with you. Many have seen it before, for those new to my blog I hope you enjoy the Pink Tea Set, all bought separately at different times I think they flow together nicely.
Candle glow soothes the soul.Reading through an old magazine for new inspiration.

Tea Pitcher Cracker Barrel (many years ago)
Small Tea Cups and Saucers Hobby Lobby (many years ago)
Small Spoons Cracker Barrel (many years ago)

~ Starting to Fill In ~

Today is another day filled with sunshine and Spring like temperatures in our area of Missouri.
Before we begin with today's post I have to say I was so embarrassed and grateful after receiving an email from a friend. On Monday's post I made a huge spelling error. Normally before I hit publish post I've looked back over my post like a gillion times for errors, and then change wording and so on. Sunday I obviously didn't do that. The post was titled Suttle Bench Changes. Wow! Suttle? Really? Come on Lynne, we know you can spell better than that. SUBTLE, is the way it should have read. Mona, thank you for caring enough to send me an email. Trust me from here on out, I'll sure proof my posts a lot closer before hitting publish. :-))
Now, on with today's post. The wheelbarrow sits in front of the shop and was a gift many years ago from a client. I love it's rusty character.
Although it's been slow in coming I believe Spring is finally here. With the teasing of the warm temperatures then cool temps, my flowers have finally started to fill in. This past winter was pretty tough on a lot of them. I can't tell you how many things I've lost around the yard. Some will be replaced, others pulled up.
Volunteers in pots are always welcome. :-))LINKING TO:
Is anyone else having trouble linking with the little hyper links? For some reason I can't do that, or set the time ahead to post. I have to go back to edit and then hit post. If anyone else has trouble and figured out what to do I'd sure appreciate the help. Thank you !!!