Friday, November 7, 2008



Baby it's cold outside...a brisk 40 degrees and falling. You can feel the hint of snow in the air..thank goodness it's only a hint.. I'm sure not ready for the white stuff just yet. However, the weather is perfect for our 11Th Holiday Open House Event.. festivities start first thing in the morning. You'll have 3 great shopping days to find something for everyone on your list. I'm extending a personal invitation for all of you to come join us in the magical world of Christmas this Holiday season.

This is the postcard I sent out to my mailing list..I'm so glad that you're on it..
I decided to decorate the shop with a red and white theme this year..all in the spirit of feeling like a kid. Don't you love these great popcorn ball ornaments? I thought they were quite unique. I try to carry things that are different and out of the ordinary.
Here's a close up..aren't they great? I fell in love with the red and white ornaments with snow tipping the ends of them..and then added these great bell picks..
Another close up...can you tell I "really" like them?
This little snowman got stuck out in the ice storm..His little buddy lights up and he sits on a snowball..
For those that like the more primitive look, this little snowman is in an old jar and all decked out with his own Christmas tree...I know Picket would love this. I see I cut part of him off, so will try to get another close up for you and post it on tomorrows update..the other snowman is asking for a magical hat.
This great fireplace mantel my husband and I salvaged from a home that was being torn down. He really had to work to put it back together. Before we could go and pick it up someone came in and stole it out of the house. We finally tracked down who had taken it and brought it home so fast it would make your head spin. The carvings on it are incredible.
I carry a great line of snowmen and snow women..These shoppers are out of a series. And this year they decked the ladies out in their finest. They all have purses with the greatest trims on them. I know Gloria would love all the details.. Sorry I didn't get a better shot..but promise to take some close ups in the morning before the crowd hits..
I bought this great hutch a couple of years ago and each panel was painted a different color. I decided to paint it cream and put a slight glaze of yellow on it.. This is one of the first things you see when you come in the door..
Now, I purposely didn't show the food table.. It is going to knock your socks off, once all the goodies go on Now, I'll take pictures of it in the morning before I open and post those for all to see.. I hope you enjoyed this short tour of the shop..There's more to

Thanks so much for stopping by our little corner of the world..stay tuned for part 2