Saturday, June 28, 2014

Do You Ever Have One of Those Nights?

Are you one of those that occasionally you just can't sleep? You can't turn your mind off of all the things you want to accomplish the next day? I know I am, sometimes my mind just won't shut off, there just aren't enough

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Star Spangled Centerpiece Tutorial

 As I was working around the house this morning it dawned me I should change up the centerpiece on the kitchen table. Since I have

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Family Wall Gallery

Quite a while back I did " a lot " of painting in the office and sewing area of the shop. Since then there have been many changes to those areas. Let's just say I've been putting some of my tools to good use around here, it fills the many hours in a day. 
The area where I do a bit

Friday, June 13, 2014

And the Yucca's Bloom

Many years ago while traveling the craft circuit we would do shows in Wichita, Kansas. Mr. P and I loved going to Wichita to do shows, the added bonus was being able to visit Aunt Myrtie and Uncle Burton. Usually Aunt Myrtie and I would take a stroll around the neighborhood during the evening hours, visiting the whole time, I loved this dear lady so much. The love was there from the beginning, we shared birthdays as well as many other similarities. 
 One evening in particular

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More Blues in the Kitchen

The last few days we've had constant rain around our area, it's been a blessing with the drought we've been in the last couple of years. Good for the crops not so good for working outside. I took the opportunity to play inside.
It's no secret I'm over the moon about blue and white. It seems to have taken over almost every room in the house. The kitchen table is one of those areas we can change things up easily and quickly.
Using a wooden tray or basket makes those transitions quickly adding texture and class to an otherwise flat surface. I gathered a few things to fit my mood. A gorgeous lantern for height fills the left side nicely. Adding flowers adds the softness the wooden tray and rough edges of the lantern need.

Classy wooden handle sets the mood for easy lifting and removing the tray for table to be decked out in beautiful dishes.
The jelly dish was a garage sale find a few years back, the weathered patina shows it's age, making one wonder how many hands have used the spoon into the beautiful crystal dish filled with jelly. I have to admit the patina didn't bother me at the time I took the picture, shortly after one cloudy Sunday afternoon I spent the day polishing all the silver in the house.

So there you have the breakfast room table decorated for Spring, one can only guess what the hot summer months might bring to the table. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments.

Fondly ~lynne ~

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mirror Images

The last few weeks have seemed to run together, one day leads into another walking blindly by faith, hope and patience. In the quiet evenings I reflect on things, past and what the future is going to hold.
 Do you see and reflect? Do you look