Tuesday, July 14, 2009

~~Another Week of Storms And Outdoor Wednesday ~~

It's time for Outdoor Wednesday Events. Hosted by Susan over at http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/ Be sure to treat yourself today to some wonderful outdoor events. This past Friday we woke to thunder lightening and heavy rains. We also woke to no power. I'm not sure exactly when it went off but it was in the early a.m. hour. After looking out the window this is what I saw. Another beautiful Bradford Pear tree down. Before long ladies and gents I'm going to have a treeless yard. As of to date I have one lone Bradford Pear Tree left. Oh boo-hoo Then we heard the sound of a helicopter. Yes, all the news teams were in from Kansas City. This one was hovering above the garage. The sound was deafening. I then decided to take a walk around the yard... a few surprises were certainly evident.

On the north side of the garage the clematis had just started traveling up the Shepard's hook and was starting to show it's beauty. As you can see, not quite so pretty right now hopefully, after the shock wears off it will be ok. In the front yard lay some trellis off the arbor from down below. I had 2 pictures here, not sure where the other one went... ummmmm I believe that's my life right now...

Around on the back patio the table was turned over. Notice the cast iron pediment that holds the umbrella? It weighs a ton, so you can see how heavy the winds were. It used to set way over there where the 2 chairs are setting. The wind moved it a fairly great distant.

It landed in the hosta's. They were so pretty. A little less for wear right now. Hopefully, in a day or two they'll come out of their shock and be pretty once again.

Here you can see the force of the wind snapped the umbrella stand right into.

Right off it's base. Mr. P. seems to think he might be able to fix it. I'm not so sure. This little guy was crawling along the top of the chair. I'm wondering if he showed up after the storm or just hung onto the chair for dear life. Mr. Murphy kept a watchful eye on him, but never bothered him. Good dog, Murphy... :-))

He certainly crawls with attitude. lol

Remember the tree??

This is the base.. it definitely wanted out of the ground didn't it? You can see how far the roots were to the north. Moved the bricks and my cast iron fencing.
Down below in front of the shop, this small tree was turned over.These are our 2 lines that feed the electricity into the house. After seeing these I called the power company to let them know we had downed power lines in the yard. Then I called Apria Health Care to let them know we were going to need back up bottles of oxygen for Mr. P. With the temperatures rising and the humidity moving in it was getting a bit tough for him to breath. Just a swingin'
This is the culprit that took out most of the electricity in town. The roof was blown off and took out many lines and a couple of poles. A closer shot

A few shots from around town.

Finally late Saturday afternoon with the heat rising and the storm clouds moving back in we see the light company pull in. What a welcome sight !!

Mr. P. took a walk out to the truck to find out what he could. We were delighted to hear once they got started it would only be about an hour and a half and we'd have lights once again.

The guys walk up and survey the area.

After a bit of a discussion,

They get to work. Remember the line just a swingin' ? This gentlemen had to pull it off and over the Red bud tree.

Through the clearing the bucket goes up and the work begins.

Over the engine of the truck I hear, " I think we've got it boys! " Yippee!!! We have lights once again. KCP & Light we cannot thank you enough. You guys are great!!! After a long 36 hours of no lights we feel like we're in the 21st Century once again. Last weekend our small town had no water for the weekend. This past weekend we didn't have lights. I'm almost afraid to see what this Friday is going to bring. This is the last week of our County Fair, and for the most part activities have gone on. The fireworks display was cancelled and a few other activities. But as the saying goes , the show must go on.

Don't forget to swing by Susan's for a full list of participant's in this weeks Outdoor Wednesday. Susan thank you for hosting this fun filled event...hugs ~lynne~