Saturday, March 31, 2012

~ Azalea Buds ~

Hi everyone, I hope you're having a super weekend. Ours is glorious here, temps in the middle 80's, more June like than the last day of March. Tomorrow they're calling for a high of 89, hasn't reached that temperature in March since 1940. Plants are way ahead of schedule around here so I took a short sashay around the house to check their progress, low and behold the Azalea is full of buds.

Sweet buds.

Such a happy color.
I can't wait for them to open, the bush is going to be gorgeous.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

~ Join Me Under the Pergola ~

Hi everyone, what a gorgeous day we're having today. Sun is shining birds are singing and Mr. Murphy is lounging outside the shop door. Just way to pretty to be inside taking care of book work, I'm really trying to stay on track, breaks come often, come join me on the patio outside the shop.
Each year for the open house I try to dress the patio to welcome you. The last couple of years I've used the burlap tablecloth trimmed in apple green ribbon. The texture of the burlap flows nicely with the basket weave edged plates.

Mixing and matching dishes has become one of my favorite things to do. The green bowls came from Walmart last fall. Can you believe I only own 4 green bowls? I know shocking. lol
The basket weave edge adds yet texture to the feel of the table.
Breaking from tradition of having a small candle I chose to use the dotted Swiss eggs. I'm not real sure if these are suppose to be egg cups or candle holders. Guess it depends upon the person and the mood that strikes them at the time.
I know you're sick my saying I "love" bunnies. The dishes were purchased on a day trip with my Betty about 14 years ago. Along with having the dishes I have the memories of a fun day with my lady friend.
Butterflies are scattered through out the design inside and out.

The metal urn is sold inside the shop as well as the egg picks and forsythia.
Green flatware from Target..

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

~ A Profusion of Color ~

Hi everyone, hope you enjoying your day. It's turned off quite cloudy here, perfect for staying inside playing catch up, although there's quite a lot of work to do outside.
The flowering Crab Apple Tree is showing off it's finest today even with the clouds and wind. I stepped outside the shop door to snap some quick photos before the rains come they're calling for. Overlook those pesky dandelions, haven't had time to treat them.

You might remember me telling you I always put Boston ferns outside the shop door. You can  revisit that post HERE. Well, yesterday while out running errands I found this beauty at Walmart. Yippee Skippy!!! The front porch has a few as well, that's a post for another day.  I always feel like Spring is here and my porches properly dressed once I add the ferns.
Looking towards the other end. It's a bit windy and damp feeling to have the table all set up, makes me smile when I walk out the door.

Looks like we have a visitor...
You know I love my bunnies. The camera just doesn't capture his sweet concrete face, always fun to go out and see my concrete bunnies scattered here and there.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

~ Taking A Chance ~

Hi everyone, I hope you had a super weekend, it was pretty quiet around here. Mr. P started the mowing and then pooped out, I finished a bit more of it leaving some for Mr. P to mow, I'm hoping he'll feel well enough to go out to try it again. I believe this is the earliest we've ever mowed in our part of the country.

Blue and white is such a traditional color to have in your home. I've been pulling my pieces out by leaps and bounds enjoying the memories of when and where I bought them, then asking myself, "why on earth did you put all that beauty away?". Guess that's what we do, we put our things away then decide bring them out and enjoy them all over, then it's like Christmas all over again. :-))
The other side.....
I've been seeing orchids all over the place, I've fallen in love with their beauty. I've never had an orchid don't know beans from apple butter about caring for them, but I'm sure going to give it the good 'ole college try. I picked this beauty up today knowing it would work perfectly in the blue dish.  I added some moss to the top to fill out the pot and add a bit more elegance to a beautiful plant.
I haven't really finished the dining room table, who I'm kidding, I've just barely stared. I wanted to share bits and pieces with you. If you've been a long time visitor to the blog, you know nothing stays the same around here for long. :-))
Yep, you got it, not Easter related, still a pretty plate that  flows with the blue and white pot. lol
Close up of the onion details on the runner.

Miss Bunny in all her finest... she really needs a name. I'm going to have to think on that one, do you have any ideas?
Another close up of the gorgeous runner.
I couldn't resist another shot of the orchids, I hope your computer screen shows it's true beauty. Wish me luck in keeping this baby around for a long time. Thanks for swinging in to view the table, we love your visits and sweet comments.
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

~ 2012 Spring Open House ~

Hi everyone, Welcome to my 14th Annual Spring Open House! I can't believe it's my 14th one. Where has the time gone? I got busy today and moved a few things outside to dress things up just for you. As I'm putting this post together the clouds are moving in, it's almost time to close for the day, so I've already moved them back inside. I'll shoot out there first thing in the morning, pray it doesn't rain and set it all back up again. For now let's take a little tour.
The wreath is a staple on the outside of the house, the color of ribbon and decor changes with the season. This year I chose to use some of my satin black and cream ribbon along with some forsythia and a few twigs to dress the top of the wreath. The tulips in the cream colored vase scream Spring, I added a bit of green twiggy vine you'll see further down in the post. The pop of red on the bench draws your eye in and makes you want to sit down and stay a while.
Back over to the north end before you come in the door you may recall I used the birdbath as a welcoming agent. If you would like to go back and visit that post you may go HERE and HERE to do so.
The pot once green was sprayed black.

Just to the right of the bench you'll see this sweet table, it holds another lone geranium. Normally, I would have large ferns in urns, they unfortunately aren't available just yet. Once I spot them, they'll take their rightful places and the small table will be moved to another spot. You know I love my bunnies, I've sold the concrete bunnies for the last few years, always a hit I try to carry them as long as they are available.
Looking down the way.
I always try to dress the table fitting the occasion. I'll share more of the tablescape with you on Thursday, so stay tuned.
The green metal urn was chosen to hold the centerpiece of small boston ferns, forsythia and crystal chenille egg picks. 
Don't you love the egg picks? They come in 3 different sizes, you can find those inside. The one you're viewing is the small size.

Close up of the small postcard pillow.
Green twiggy vine trailing over the top of the tulips.
Thanks so much for stopping by to view the entrance to the shop for our 14th Annual Spring Open House. I hope you'll come back in a day or so and I'll share some of the inside treats that wait your visit.
Until next time....