Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shaking Things Up

Yippee! We're above zero and the sun is shining. Oh happy day.

Welcome to Metamorphosis Monday. Each week this event is hosted by Susan, where we see all sorts of Metamorphosis going on all over blog land. With the cold that has taken over our area, our kitchen was a bit cooler than we like it. Saturday evening a light went off and I decided to shake things up around here. This is the way you saw our living room at Christmas. Now, folks.. don't think you're getting off that easy.. you were really hoping to see this room with just the Christmas tree gone, right? Well..... let me show you what I've been up to the last couple of days or so. Yes, ... the tree came down. BUT then.. I went about stripping the furniture of all of it's goodies. Had to head downstairs and bring the movers up to start shaking things up. This is how things ended up, for about a day. lol You see after looking at it I realized the mirror was too small for the expanse of the wall. It was actually too small before. lol So, back down the stairs again to locate this mirror, I then added the tree to balance things out a bit more. I would really love to find 2 pictures to hang behind the chair, but until those are located, the tree will do just fine. :-)) The secretary in the corner is actually a stereo Mr. P. gave me for Valentine's Day 32 years ago. It is another one of those floater pieces. I moved it from the kitchen.
Behind the chicken wire I've added a few of my favorite things. A couple of those being rabbits and a tassel for the handle.
With the rabbit theme going on, I switched out the tassels. Do you see this beauty hanging?

Isn't it just the cutest thing ever?

Do you remember a while back everyone was making tassels? I didn't get a chance to make any, no not even one. :-(( This one is a Christmas gift from my Gloria. Does she know me or what? Yes, my friends she does. She knows I absolutely adore bunnies . This hung in my kitchen for awhile. After moving all these things around, I believe it's found it's resting spot. I think it is letter perfect hanging in my living area. I can see and admire it daily and think of the beautiful friendship that has developed with a beautiful lady. Gloria, darling, thank you so much for thinking of me and sending this beauty. The colors are perfect.. I will cherish it and our friendship always! :-))
Look at those adorable eyes. See Candace, not scary at all.., just too cute and perfect for my home. :-))
Finished project for the time being. Oh, I'm still tweaking a few things here and there, but for the most part quite satisfied with the result of this make over. Let's move on, and I'll show you where the fireplace ended up. :-))
This beauty is what I had in the kitchen, and the fireplace was in the living room. Do I have you confused yet? Let me show you where this was and where the fireplace

This is the wall the stereo sat on. Now you can see the fireplace has made it's way into the kitchen. You see, I don't have a "real" fireplace. I purchased this one a few years back at Walmart. Brought it home and Mr. P, Bailey and I put it together. Gosh, Bailey was still toddling around here, so I have it longer than I thought. My little man will be 10 in June. lol Any hoo.... I love the way it looks in the kitchen.
The tone of the wood is perfect resting on the wood floors, and even has a decorative scroll work on the front.

Maybe, not a real flame, but at least I have the effect. lol The difference between a chilly kitchen and a warm one is incredible. Once I got Mr. P up to show him what I'd been doing, I was amazed at the smile it put on his face. He said, "that's something that should have been done along time ago!" Yes, you read it, I have evidence, the man was "pleased" I moved furniture around. lol Now coming from him right now, that small amount of praise means the world. :-)) The kitchen was taken over a while back with roosters. I adore them in this room. I also have quite the "weakness" for lamps. When we got this lamp in over at work I immediately put my name on one. I've had it for a couple of years or so now. It's sat behind the love seat on sugar buckets till now. I think it's perfect on top the fireplace.
Isn't it a beauty?

The rooster plaque is metal and a gift from my daughter about 6 or 7 years ago. The metal holder I found at Hobby Lobby about 3 years ago. I love the presence they make paired together. :-))

Close up of plaque .

We carry this wonderful curly twig over at work. It is the most whimsical stuff I've seen in forever. I love to use it above pictures, mirrors and as you can see here, draped around lamps or other decorative items. You'll see this in a future post used in a different way. I hope you stay tuned to see that. :-)) What do we have here? A blooper???? Nah... just a tease of another upcoming Metamorphosis that has taken place around here. Can any of you guess what room this might be in?
So, we've gone from this......

To this.

I hope you have enjoyed my metamorphosis this week. There are many more changes going on through out blog land. Be sure to swing over to Susan's for a full list of those participating.. Thank you for stopping in to say hello.

hugs ~lynne~

Snow Cone Anyone?

-7 Below Zero... yes our deep freeze continues.. On the bright side we had sunshine today and a warm up is in the forecast for tomorrow.. :-))

Amazing how mother nature works her magic isn't it?

Remember year's ago when you could go to the Dairy Queen and purchase a snow cone? A cup filled with crushed ice and covered with your choice of syrup. My favorite was grape, what was yours?

This birdhouse has it's own hat. lol

Mr. P's youngest son and Little John to the rescue. :-))
We're finally able to get out. I hope you are as well.
hugs ~lynne~