Friday, January 1, 2010

Dreaming of Days Past And Those To Come

Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope this New Year brings you all peace, health and happiness!

Ours has started off with another roller coaster ride. Many of you know Mr. P has many health issues, we're asking for all of your prayers as this new year begins.. Thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts.

On a cold and cloudy afternoon, with this view greeting me as I look out the back door, I stand there mesmerized and day dream of days past and those to come.
Which brings us to the post of the day. :-)) Saturdays are hosted by Beverly each week. You'll find a whole bevy of fine blogger's showing off their pink. Be sure to treat yourselves by swinging over to check out those participating.
My thoughts are full of lush green lawns. Phlox's blooming and bees buzzing, a slight breeze and cold glass of lemonade
Back to reality! Instead I'm drinking a cup of hot coffee and admiring Mother Nature and the magic she spun while we slept. A bow waited down with snow that fell on Christmas Eve.
The snowman who's tummy is suppose to be full of birdseed is now full of snow.
One minute an airplane lawn ornament has just one wing covered in snow.
Within a short period of time, both wings are covered; he's been grounded until further notice.
A birdbath full of snow instead of water, finds the birds reduced to drinking out of the dog's water dish. :-)) Isn't it nice that Murphy shares with them? lol

The front yard hasn't been left out, the beauty of this snow fall is spectacular.
Before leaving for work this past week, I couldn't pass up the chance to take a picture of the old dinner bell.
With the weight of the snow on top, I'm sure if you could ring the bell (the string is covered in ice); the tone would be flat sounding. :-))
While waiting for the boss to get to work, I had plenty of time to take a few shots of the beautiful tree that sets west of the shop.
With heavy weighted branches, I'm wondering if it might be a hiding spot for an animal or two. :-))
The magic that comes from snow fall always amazes me. From railroad ties to a cascading water fall effect, can't get more magical than that. Thank you for swinging by today. We always enjoy your visits. Be sure to stop by Beverly's for a full list of those participating. Beverly, as always; thank you for graciously hosting this event each week.
hugs ~lynne~