Monday, July 6, 2009

Tweaking on a Monday

Good morning one and all. I hope this Monday finds you all rested after the big holiday. With hubby still asleep I thought I would play quietly. You see I can't start any "major" projects due to the fact the whole town has been without water since Friday. I should clarify that a bit. We've always had some water. But not enough to run the dishwasher or take long showers. So, I can say we're clean but just not able to have the full capability of doing Monday morning chores like laundry. ;-0 The main line that feeds our water tower burst on Friday around noon, they patched it only to have another blow today. Thankfully, we had rain on Friday and some on Saturday to soak the grass and trees. With all of the fireworks going off it made for a bit of an uneasy time.. You see our whole town would have been unprotected had there been a fire. So, you know I'll be playing catch up big time when the water comes back on.

In the meantime I've been doing a bit of dusting, some tweaking and working on a few vignettes here and there. Is this a hint of things to come later in the week? Ummmmm I'm a thinking girls maybe a little more tweaking.. hugs ~lynne~