Thursday, February 28, 2013

~ The Baking Center ~

Hello my friends, I hope you're fairing well on this brisk cold morning. Cloudy skies prevail around our area and tons of snow piles are scattered here and there. I awoke this a.m. to a car stuck in our lane down by the barn. I'm not sure why they were even down our lane at 6:30 in the morning, our lane is an 1/8 mile long and we're on the only ones back here. After a fashion another truck drove in, tried to shovel them out. That certainly didn't work out well, a short time later they left and another truck came in to pull them out. I'm still wondering why on earth they were down our lane at that hour of the morning, kind of puts a scare into a person, sure made for an interesting start to the day wouldn't you say?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

~ White Out Conditions ~

What a gorgeous site the East tree line makes with all the snow we received this go around. It's a pretty snow, more so than the last one we had. However a more dangerous snow. We

Monday, February 25, 2013

~ A Soft Glow Makes A Big Impact ~

With another storm knocking at our back door everyone is preparing for another 8" to 12.5" of snow on top of the other 10+" we just had dumped on us. I'm as prepared as I can be, I don't have to get out unless an emergency comes up. 
I was doing a bit of tweaking here and there over the weekend and it dawned on me I could move a few things around and make a better statement on a wall at the end of the living room. You know sometimes we look at things constantly and don't realize a few changes can make a big impact.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

~ Impromptu Table ~

The last couple of days we've been snow bound, a perfect time to do some major cleaning, catch up on a couple of projects and put together an impromptu table for two.  Seeing all the white outside I was craving a bit of color on the inside.
Setting a table

Friday, February 22, 2013

~ What A Difference A Day Makes ~

Hello everyone, What a difference a day makes in our part of the country. On Wednesday I enjoyed taking shots of the cardinal floating in and out of the bird feeder, it's become my favorite past time lately, as long as they are out there and I'm in here. My fear of birds runs long and deep, their beauty wins out and I take as many shots of them as I can from the inside out.
The snow

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

~ An Early Spring Brunch ~

Hello my friends, how's everyone doing today? If you're in our area you're gearing up for the big snow storm they've forecast for our area. I keep reading reports for our area of anywhere from 4" to 8" to 8" to 12". I have the pantry full and tons of projects on the list of things to do, if I'm not out shoveling a path for us to get out the door. 
With said forecast on the horizon I thought what better way to push it to the back of my mind than setting a Spring type table. 
You all know how I love my bunnies, goodness knows I have a "few" around the house. How can you say no to a darling face like this when it's begging you to take it home?
A beautiful

Sunday, February 17, 2013

~ The Kitchen Desk Make Over Part II ~

Hello my friends, I hope you're enjoying a great weekend. I know I've been a bad blogger the last week or so. It has been crazy crazy around here. I wear a lot of hats through out the year, this time of the year it's one of a tax preparer. The late nights and long hours at the desk leave me too exhausted to even think about taking pictures let alone put a post together. Trying to decompress has been a challenge, you go to bed and you're too exhausted to even sleep. I was bound and determined today to share how I've worked out some of kinks and frustrations.

You might recall a while back I was thinking of painting the kitchen, I had narrowed down the choice of paint colors to two. I remember saying there was no hurry, I think I was trying to convince myself I would put it off, knowing full well once I get something in my head I'm going full steam ahead to complete the project. I'm not sure why I always seem to start a paint project right in the middle of tax season, but I do. I run myself into the ground, again I think it's the only way to decompress and work out the kinks of long hours of sitting at a desk. 

It's no secret I have a love for blue and white, I cannot believe I sold so much of it when we had the auction. I told myself I wasn't going to replace any of it, my heart and head didn't get together on that agreement. I've slowly been bringing out pieces I've had put away and purchasing new pieces when I found what tugged at my heart to bring home.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

~ Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay ~

What does a person do when they're feeling nostalgic and missing their kids like crazy? They pour through pictures. The memories flood over us like Niagara Falls. Over the weekend while cleaning up the computer of unwanted files, I had one of those Niagara Fall's moments. My daughter and grandson moved to North Carolina this past April. They both love the area, with each email, text, picture and phone call they sound as if they're on a virtual vacation all the time. It would have broke my heart if the move wasn't as pleasant for them as it is. It's been tough on Mr. P and myself the grandson has been here almost every weekend since the day he was born. The joy he's brought into our lives cannot be described in words. This little guy has such a gentle caring soul. To have them home Christmas for 14 days was incredible. Thank goodness I have pictures to enjoy any time I like.
It's going to be a while before I can dangle my feet...

Monday, February 4, 2013

~ Flipping The Sunporch From Winter to Spring ~

 With Punxsutawney Phil forecasting an early Spring that has given me the green light to start flipping the sun porch over from Winter decor to Spring decor. I'm ready to let the bunnies out, add some lighter floral decor and enjoy the sun pouring through the windows. I have a list a mile long of things I'd really like to change out here, they'll come as time permits.
I'm so glad I decided to paint the walls this delicious color of green. It's a bright and happy color no matter the time of day or night. We lived in the house for 3 years before adding on the 3 car garages, in the process we decided to add the sun porch in between, originally meant to be a breezeway which usually turns into a wind tunnel. I'm so glad the decision was made to close it in, adding yet another room for me to enjoy decorating. Over the past 16 years it's gone through quite a few decorating changes.

When we moved from our other home the antique kitchen cabinet was used as a display piece in a small room used for clients to stop by and shop. After the addition of the garages and sun porch were made, the decision to open the shop was still on the back burner the piece needed a home, the inside was full, the sun porch was the perfect venue. A few years back while Mr. P was still able to get around he helped me re-glue all the loose legs, now that baby is as sturdy as it can be. As you can see it holds quite a few things. Come closer and take a look.
Once the room was painted I raided the pantry and brought all the green dishes out to display behind the glass doors. The plates all the way in the back with the green ivy trim belonged to Mother, you may recall seeing them in a tablescape HERE.
Here's a little better shot of the ivy edged plates.
Everyone knows I love my bunnies, doesn't matter the shape or color. Quite a while back I found the weather vane bunny at Target. I recall at the time paying $29.99 , I didn't feel that was too bad a price for this treasure. The large green vase was gift from my girlfriend many years ago. For the longest time I had green in the dining room and it was used as a centerpiece on the dining room table. I think it's the perfect fit for this room.
The small tea set was mine as a child, one of the grands broke a couple of the pieces and are now glued. I don't take it out often but recall vividly the day Mother gave it to me, that memory always puts a smile on my face. The rabbit tureen was purchased while still working outside the home.
While shopping at Nell Hill's last summer I spotted these darling bird plates, I knew immediately they would be the perfect fit for the sun porch.
For as long as I can remember I've always loved an old screen door. Mr. P brought this home to me about 10 years ago. My eyes filled with tears the day he said come out and see what I brought you, the thoughtfulness of him knowing how much I love old screen doors was such a priceless gesture.

Have your started getting out your Spring decor or do you wait until the first day of Spring? Our winter has been so fickle this year, I'm ready for the grass to green up, push those windows open and let the fresh breezes blow in.

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

~ Putting Some Fashion At the Kitchen Sink ~

I've spent most of my weekend cleaning out what I hope are unimportant objects on the computer. For some reason they seem to have attached themselves to my blog. I've reached out continually for help so decided to address the situation myself. So far I'm not noticing anything I've deleted effecting the performance of the computer, if anything they are both running a lot faster. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the blog is up and running fine. If any of you continue to have problems leaving comments please contact me and let me know. The next step will be taking them both into the city to have a complete diagnostic test run on them. I'm hoping I don't have to do that, I don't feel comfortable going off and leaving Mr. P for any length of time nor do I want that added expense.

As I look out my kitchen window each day I read this small plaque my daughter mailed right before Mother's Day last year. I'm touched to know she thinks of me as her friend as well as her mother. Being 14 hours away from her and my Bailey hasn't been easy for any of us, there are a lot of emails, sending lots of texts and phone calls. Not quite the same, thank goodness for modern technology.
Not long ago I realized things at the kitchen sink just weren't right. I had a few problems with the Olive bottle I was using for the Dawn dish detergent.

We were in the habit of leaving the dish detergent liquid sitting on the sink. I truly disliked the nasty yucky bottle. You can see that post HERE . The Olive bottle worked fine for a while, then boom the rubber grommet that held it in tightly broke, split right down the side and I was left with a bottle and no spritzer top. Look all the way to your right, notice the light switch cover?  I had it in my head I wanted decorative light switch covers, looked and looked until I found just the right thing. While taking pictures I realized it stood out like a sore thumb against the white tile.
Voila' I found the wine decanter in the cabinet and for now it's the perfect fit. I love it's shape and the ease of being able to pour detergent right into the sink.
Yes, I changed out the decorative light switch cover for the previous white cover. Now, it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb. It doesn't disappear completely, but at least it blends more now, gives things a cleaner look.

Thanks for stopping by to see the small change, I hope you decide to put some fashion at your kitchen sink.

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