Sunday, February 5, 2012

~ The Sunporch Got Some Green ~

Well hello there, please come on in....
Last Summer I painted the sunporch, gone is all the nasty wood tone. A lot of work, the rewards are high. The wood as you know has been a pain in my back side for a very long time. In the perfect world I would have sheet rock walls, guess we don't live in a perfect world, plan of action took place, paint color chosen work began.
I fell in love with the color Apple Green almost 5 years ago, I've been wanting to use it for the longest time. I had purchased new drapes that were red and gold plaid, the apple green color was out of the question at the time. While cleaning the windows I discovered the drapes were a tad more worn than I realized. Yippee Skippie!! They had to go I could finally paint. :-))
New vignettes began to appear.
Many things got shuffled around, and new grids on the wall began to form. My intention was to show the room in total completion. Then I realized, Lynne you are "never" finished, share your fun room. As you can see this wall isn't anywhere near being completed. I have in mind what I want to put on the right side of the picture, the fun is in the chase, finding just the right thing. You can view the "nasty" yellow colored walls here.  Man alive what a "huge" transformation.

Sorry for the dark picture, I just couldn't get a decent shop of the sweet little table at the far end of the room. I'm thinking of replacing this table, again have something in mind. Time and money will tell if it comes home with me. I'll keep you posted on the status of all that.

When the transformation of the sunporch began, I knew I wanted to kick it up a notch or two. This sweet lawyers bookcase had been in the office, all over the office for many years. I got it in my head it needed to come upstairs to this room. I love the way it looks and the flow it gives the room. Filled with decorating books related to gardening, and collections of tea cups and more.

The sofa was purchased a while back while working at the other gift shop. Folks I worked my tail off literally to be able to bring this cutie home, the picture of the rabbits was gotten there as well. You all know I "love" rabbits. I fell in love with this picture and knew it would be perfect in my home.. as you can see the right side isn't finished out either. Again, I know what I want, running across it at my price will come in time.
The large picture hides the electrical box. You know those unsightly gray boxes we all have. I love the frame, not crazy about the picture, so when the right one comes a long I'll do a switch-a-roo do.

This sweet little corner is just inside the back door, the area is small and handles a lot of traffic. I searched for a long time for just the right size table to hold the dog treats. You all have one of those don't you? Honestly our dogs are so spoiled we have 2 of those areas. :-)) Anyhoo..... after the hunt wasn't producing the right size table I decided to use the black pedestal. I was a tad concerned the glass jar would get knocked over, so far no accidents have occurred.
I have quite a few of these large heavy metal pieces, some I've used elsewhere. This one reminded me of the shape of a dog biscuit, so thought it was the perfect fit for the corner.
I hope you enjoyed viewing the sunporch make over. It's still a work in progress, but aren't all of our homes?  Until next time.....