Tuesday, February 5, 2013

~ Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay ~

What does a person do when they're feeling nostalgic and missing their kids like crazy? They pour through pictures. The memories flood over us like Niagara Falls. Over the weekend while cleaning up the computer of unwanted files, I had one of those Niagara Fall's moments. My daughter and grandson moved to North Carolina this past April. They both love the area, with each email, text, picture and phone call they sound as if they're on a virtual vacation all the time. It would have broke my heart if the move wasn't as pleasant for them as it is. It's been tough on Mr. P and myself the grandson has been here almost every weekend since the day he was born. The joy he's brought into our lives cannot be described in words. This little guy has such a gentle caring soul. To have them home Christmas for 14 days was incredible. Thank goodness I have pictures to enjoy any time I like.
It's going to be a while before I can dangle my feet...