Tuesday, May 8, 2012

~ Hosta's In The Garden ~

The brick flower box outside the shop is a spot of enjoyment for me. It was an addition added while bricking the retaining wall. This year the railroad ties get another coat of paint, hopefully they won't look so tired. The 3 hosta's were added last year, after checking them out this Spring I thought I'd lost them. They were a bit slow in coming up. After a couple of days of slow rains they magically appeared. Yay! Score one for the team.

The For Get Me Not's beginning to peek through.

No four leaf clovers here.
I couldn't resist sharing a couple of shots of the Pink Weigela resting on the hosta. Usually the first of June I trim the Weigela almost to the ground, the shade is gone from shielding the hosta from the hot noon sun. I think this year I'll trim sparingly.

At the back door.
On the North side of the house. Since these pictures were taken the hosta's have tripled in size.
A bit of whimsy. A metal weather vane along with a potted fern greets you at the back door.
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