Sunday, December 20, 2009

~~A Candy Lover's Delight~~

I'm sure you're wondering what these pears are doing in the middle of a
Christmas post. You see this is a bit of a metamorphosis of sorts. This is what you may have seen on this end of the counter during Marty's Cloche Party earlier this year. She put on quite the party. You can click on her name to scoot over to her beautiful blog. Marty, do you have another one planned?? Hint! Hint!!!
Metamorphosis Monday is hosted each week by Susan . She graciously hosts this event with many participating. It's a delight to see what all of you wonderful blogger's have come up with for us to admire.
Curly ribbon and lollipops. What a wonderful combination.

A sugar cookie ornament in the shape of an L... hmmm wonder who that stands for? Topped with candy canes.. fit right in. Ribbon candy topped with ice crystals...
The candy cane garland I've had for a few years. I believe I got it at Dollar General.
A sherbet glass full of candy canes and lollipops. Doesn't get any better than
that. :-))

This fine fellow is a recent purchase. I just discovered the most beautiful blog. Around the House. Phyllis is a wonderful gal full of the most creative ideas. She recently did a post on A Tree for the Kitchen. She had the cutest Santa standing beside the tree. Oh my goodness my heart skipped a beat or two. You know how it is when you fall in love with something and it's screaming your name ? Come on now, sure you do. :-)) Anyway, she said she had gotten it at Kohl's. I immediately got on the website and ordered placed an order. It was half price and I got free shipping to boot.. now how can you beat a bargain and a beauty like that?? SO, Phyllis a great big thank you for letting us know where we could get this darling guy. I am absolutely loving him. My girlfriend stopped by yesterday and she loved it. Told me, "It's perfect!! He definitely belongs in your kitchen"! I have to

This may be as close to having a gingerbread house this year as I

Did you catch the twinkle in his eye?

I sat the small tree in a trunk I've had for over 20 years. Yikes!! Does that make me old? Nah!! Just a person that hangs onto things. :-)) And to think I almost put it in the garage sale box.. lol The hanging crystal candle holder to the right of Santa, was one of the last gifts My Betty gave me for Christmas.
Help yourself to a peppermint stick.
Naturally, I would add a snowman or two some where in this vignette. These little cuties worked perfectly under the cloche dome. I borrowed the crystal plate and paired them up. What a perfect marriage it made.
As always thank you for swinging in and saying hello. Before you leave be sure to grab another peppermint stick. Susan, thank you for allowing me to join in on this wonderful event each week.
Happy Holidays!
hugs ~lynne~

~~Christmas On the Porch~~

Come on in..

Our official greeters are here to welcome you. Christmas continues in the sunporch. Let's take a tour and see what's in store for us. :-))
With a corn cob pipe...

I've fallen over the top in love with dough bowls.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed a bit more Christmas around here. Stayed tuned there's more to come. :-)) Count down continues we're almost to the finish line...

Happy Holidays!
hugs ~lynne~