Friday, February 17, 2012

~ A Small Reveal in the Dining Room ~

Remember the Mary Tyler Moore Days? Wonderful T.V. sitcoms, most of them innocent and just down right fun to watch.  I always loved the big M she had on her wall, I know many of you do as well. Over the years I've added the initial of our last name in various places in our home, either on the wall or on monogrammed pieces. This appears to be larger than it actually is, the size of this darling letter P is only 4" the perfect filler size.
If you recall a while back I told you I was revamping some things in the dining room, I teased you with a few pictures like this one. You can review a few more pictures HERE.
I don't want to overwhelm you all at once so  I'll share bits and pieces of the new vignettes and wall grids I've put together.  The hutch a gift from Mr. P when we got married 33 years ago has been moved many times just since we've been in this home. I'm still not sure if this wall is it's forever home, but for now I'm happy with the wall arrangement which breathes new life into the hutch. Inside the hutch I added a lot more blue pieces drawing the blue out of the rest of the room.

Earlier around blog land dominoes in beautiful glass dishes were floating  everywhere. To say I admired them is an understatement. The grandson was kind enough to loan me his small set. It's called a pocket set, came in a small leather carrying case just the right size for little guy's pockets. Ironically enough they're the perfect size for this small glass covered dish.

I dug the horn out of one of the closets gave it a good polish and then wondered how on earth to hang it. Thank goodness for my girlfriend, you know they say 2 heads are better than one; in this case folks we definitely have "girl power." !!  She asked if I had any tassels around that I wasn't using, again Ka-Boom the light goes off in the head, of course I did.. We clipped the center part out of it and worked it around the horn, Perfection!
I've had the metal keys for "years", they've layed around on books, taken up space in drawers and now finally hang on the wall. Not to go overboard with my love of blue I chose black ribbon to hang them with.
You know I must have my blues thrown in here and there. A purchase off E-bay last winter is the perfect compliment for the decor. If you recall I've been painting it seems like "forever". I'm now finishing up the last of the painting in the shop. This picture depicts the true taupey tan color of the walls, called Furry Ottertail.
Another Ebay purchase is the brown velvet English riding hat, (I've got to stay off Ebay) It sits on top of a metal hat stand I've had for a very long time. It's been a few colors as well as everything else around here, it was once white, then I fauxed it to look like metal and last but probably not least I sprayed it black, leaving a bit of the faux metal showing here and there to make it look even older. :-))
To say I'm done with this wall just wouldn't be the truth. Are we ever completely done with our decorating? After viewing the pictures, I realized the white shade is just a tad too white, I think maybe more of a cream might work better. Just to the left of the keys I think I need just a little something to go there. See what I mean? Are we ever done? Do you critique your walls after you take pictures?
I'll share more of the dining room process in the next couple of days. Thanks for swinging in and saying hello. Until next time.....