Sunday, April 22, 2012

~ Sometimes It's The Little Things ~

 If you're a long time visitor you know "nothing" stays the same around here for long. If you're a first time visitor I'm so glad you came. No, my friends, I don't pick favorites, if the mood strikes, it's time to move things around. I haven't shared the top of the refrigerator with you for quite a while. I even forgot to share the darling silver bunnies. But I digress, that brings us to this post. I love all the silver as it adds a bit of pop to the top of a necessary item we all have to have in our kitchen. I knew I wanted to add some more blue and white. The cache pot was brought in from another room. I know, another spot is left in it's quake to be filled and revealed at a later date.
Greenery, it was calling for greenery. Just the look I was going after, warmth and bit more color. 
I like this much better, what do you think? 
The curved handle of the pitcher is almost a mirror image of the curved handle of the cache pot. Tarnished edges only add to the vintage feel of the pitcher, nothing a bit of Hagerty Silver Polish won't fix. Yes, that's little 'ole me in the reflection of the pitcher.

A "little" change, made a huge difference.
~ Before ~
~ After ~
Thank you for stopping in to say hello and view the small Metamorphosis. Your comments always touch our hearts. Until next time...
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