Sunday, December 28, 2008

~~~~~Sunset and a Break~~~~~

As the sun goes down I took a break to go out and snap a picture of the beautiful sunset. I've been inside all day breaking down all the Christmas Fa-la-la! It's been a whirl wind of a day around here. I've moved , I've shoved, polished and revamped some vignettes, so taking a moment for this was worth all the work. Most of the household is down for a nap. But Miss Scooter is still enjoying her Merry Ho-Ho gift from Santa. She's struggling to find the squeaker. She knows if she does she gets a treat. :-)

I hope each and everyone of you had a wonderful Christmas. I'm so appreciative and so humbled to think that you would take time to swing by. I love having you stop by each day and welcoming you into my home and learning a bit more about you. I hope you continue to stop by so we can continue to learn more about each other. hugs ~lynne~