Wednesday, July 27, 2011

~ Architectural Dining ~

Spending time on my front porch even in our temperatures
is an every night occurrence. A few weeks ago
I put together a tablescape with some
architectural pieces I use to decorate inside
our home.
Choosing cream and white for the table
with a mix of the green in the
architectural pieces feel cool
and soothing.

Lacey edged chargers add
a bit more substance to the
curvy edge of the plates.

The tall column was purchased
many years ago once all
white, I dabbed a bit of
green here and there
to have a feeling of
moss growing.

White bowls ready for the evenings
dessert of strawberries and
ice cream.

To further soften the corner I added
an old birdhouse I've had
for a few years. Boston fern
softens the wooden
edges of the birdhouse. In an
earlier post found here you'll
see the corner without the
6' birdhouse. I like the bit
of excitement it adds to the rest
of the pieces. What about you?

Coffee cups ready for iced coffee.
Raised details on the coffee cups
mimic the edge of the chargers.
Target flatware compliments the
taupe colored edge.

I love monogrammed anything, laying them under the
cereal/dessert bowl shows off the beautiful
All stacked up.

A pillow helps soften the hard scape
metal of the chair and your back. :-))
Target birds hold court .

A few close ups of the metal works
on the birdhouse

As a gentle breeze begins to blow,
the tablecloth swirls like
the dress of a woman dancing, revealing
our little guest that likes
to hide under the table.

As always thank you for stopping in.
We love your visits along
with your sweet comments
Susan, thank you for hosting
this fun filled party
each week.

Monday, July 18, 2011

~ House of Cloches ~

Buying and decorating Cloche's can become very addictive. My collection started a few years ago with a gift from my BF. Little did I know it was going to become an obsession. I have many through out the house, come along I'll share a few of them.

You might recall seeing this little beauty on one of the shelves of the bookcase in my office. You can view that post here.
The little glass bear belonged to my Betty. I recently discovered it in the bottom of sewing box of hers. Not wanting to loose it I added it to the bird under the cloche dome. I think they make a great pair. lol

Moving upstairs to the living area, I have a beautiful side table I purchased a few years back. The vignette changes more often than the seasons do. 

This beautiful cloche dome was purchased while I was still working in another shop. The Lacy edged bottom adds some softness to the hard scape metal base.

My Catie knows the love for flying Mr. P has. She gave him this cloche dome a few years back for Christmas. I've said for years Mr. P's first love is flying. The days of flying  are way behind us now,  some days memories fade into the background, others are fresh and as brilliant as they were when we flew all the time.

The creativity that went into making this amazes me. A true piece of art.

Let's head into the kitchen. I'm sure you recognize the back of the white hutch. Again, this vignette changes like a house full of children running in and out of a swinging door.

I don't recall where the blue mouse came from, I've had it for years. Not large in stature the small cloche dome is a perfect fit.

Please excuse the glare, it didn't seem to matter what time of the day I took pictures, if the blinds were open or closed, I got a glare.

Heading out to the sun porch you'll find this sweet end table I purchased from Big Lots about 4 or 5 years ago. It's one of those pieces you love immediately..

This cloche dome was purchased at Hobby Lobby many years ago on their 80% shelf. I believe I gave $4.00 for it. The birds nest is one Mr. P found and brought in to me. After air drying it for several days, I sprayed it with clear varnish to seal in anything strange that might be left over. :-))

Guess I skipped right out to the sun porch before sharing the vignette in the laundry room. Again, excuse the pictures. This room has no natural lightening, it is so difficult to get a decent picture.

This little cutie is one of my latest acquisitions. Recently new to the shop they've been a great product line for me. I don't often take things from the shop for myself, but when you're in love with something, a person just has to do what she has to do right? :-))

A bird in a cage so to speak. The wire meshed screen certainly isn't going to let this little bird escape.

In the sun porch once again, you'll find just inside the door an antique ice box.

Another wire mesh cloche dome, inside is a gift from Marjolein Bastin an artist for Hallmark.

Inside the lantern , the plate is a recent purchase from Nell Hill's in Atchison, the bird on a pedestal is from TJ Maxx a few years ago.

My favorite bug in the world is a ladybug, I know a little on the sick side right? I know I'm strange that way.  :-))  How can a person love a bug? I'm not sure I have the answer I just do. They are just so cute.

The antique plant table was purchase almost 34 years ago at a garage sale. I gave $15.00 for it in the condition it is now. I would say that was a bargain right?

Every gal needs a glass slipper. Mine happens to be blue. :-))

The concrete bust is a recent purchase from Nell Hill's in Atchison. Her name is Adriana.

That concludes the tour of The House of Cloche's. lol I hope you enjoyed viewing them as much as I did preparing this post. Thank all of you for coming by today. I love when you stop by and reading your sweet comments.

Marty, thank you for hosting the Cloche Party!