Friday, December 16, 2011

~ In the Meadow ~

Hi everyone,
 I thought I would share the last bit of Christmas in the kitchen. I've enjoyed changing things up this year and scaling back. I've discovered I'm able to enjoy each little area and vignette a whole lot more.
The top of this cabinet is not real large so I don't load it down with a lot of things. The lamp is a staple along with the books, I enjoy changing out the other decor as my moods change. And we all know that's quite often. lol
I've collected cloche domes for quite sometime, I keep telling myself each time I pick one up to put it down, I do NOT need any more.

This little guy reminds me of my Bailey. He always has a smile on his face and sweet eyes.
The vintage look.....
On the other side sits this beautiful marble top baker's rack. With all the pictures of the Santa's I've been sharing, you knew I wouldn't leave my Snowmen out.
I have a full set of dishes that go with this darling platter. My girlfriend and I purchased them many years ago, I believe from Gordman's.

The weather man is saying we "might" have snow next week, with Christmas around the corner I'm like this snowman, "Let it Snow".

Until next time....