Friday, June 19, 2009

Clouds on a Pink Saturday

It's Saturday and you know that means Pink Saturday with our gracious hostess
Beverly from over at . Once there you will discover the full list of participants. don't miss out on a wonderful Saturday filled with Pink inspiration. I'm not quite sure what my fascination with clouds are lately. I can't tell you how many shots I've taken of some pretty awesome clouds. The other night while sitting on the front porch waiting for a storm to roll in I caught these shots. You can see by the progression of shots how quickly the clouds moved on.

As quickly as I finished snapping the gorgeous pink in the clouds it turned to this beautiful hue of blue.

And just as quickly you could see the darkness moving with the storm quickly approaching.
Thanks for swinging by for Pink Saturday. Treat yourself by swinging by Beverly's for a full list of the other participants. I'll see you there. hugs ~lynne~

1st Annual Cloche Party with Marty

I'm so excited to be joining in with Marty and the rest of you wonderful ladies at the first annual Cloche Party. I'm looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful displays with your cloches. After looking around I discovered I had many cloches, used in many different ways. You see that's the thing, when I like it I like it "a lot". Yes, I do have several. I'm going to show you a few of the ones I've had on display around here for the past few months. This one I put some "real" eggs under to go with the display on the dining room table.
This cloche is only 7" tall, so requires a small item. I chose this small bird on a pedestal.

This cloche I chose to put on a wooden pedestal and chose another darling bird. This bird was one of my best sellers last summer. Do you think I might have a bird theme going on? tee-hee

This cloche I purchased last Christmas from the store where I work part-time. I really had a yearning for it, but couldn't really justify the price or the luxury of buying for myself. I told myself if it was there the following week when I went in, it was going home with me. Well, yippee! You can see it came home. It is g-normous! You might remember the bunny from earlier this spring. That's right girls, haven't changed him out yet.

You might recognize this cloche dome on the metal stand from one of my very first posts. I've gotten so much good out of this one. It shows off a lot of treasures. Presently I have a bird on a gazing ball that I picked up last summer at TJ Maxx.

This little treasure came from Hobby Lobby last summer. I love the ceramic dish the dome sits on. Inside is a real birds nest hubby picked up out of the yard many years ago. Perfect fit don't you think?

Now, you know I can't leave my bunnies out. This little guy was picked up in Arkansas many years ago and has traveling fever. You will find him all over the house.
This my friends is what started my Cloche Addiction. My girlfriend gave this beautiful Cloche to me for my birthday a few years back. Her and her daughter were at Nell Hill's in Atchison, Kansas and spotted it and thought it would make the perfect gift. I am in total agreement. I absolutely adore it.
Thanks so much for swinging in to see my Cloche's. Don't forget to swing by Marty's at for a full list of participants. Marty, thanks so much for hosting a fun filled day. I hope to see you there.
hugs ~lynne~