Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall's Bounty

With fall officially here, we can turn to mother nature and her bounty to help us out with our outdoor decorating.
Outside the shop I have a fairly large patio with a couple of sitting areas. I showed you one of the smaller tables in an earlier post, you can check that out here. This table is larger in size and I thought I would have a bit more fun and load it down with pumpkins, gourds and more. :-))

A black and cream burlap ribbon tops off the lantern, with a few branches thrown in for fun.
For a bit of fun I added a few of mother natures critters. lol
An old flower pot sprayed black topped with some more spanish moss serves as a great base for one of the pumpkins.

A shot from above.
Honeysuckle vine served as a great base and adds more whimsy.

Now you knew I would have to add at least one bunny to the mix. :-))

Some more of the great ribbon.
A bit of spanish moss for the candles to rest upon.

If you haven't done your decorating for fall yet, hit your local grocery store, farmers market or road side stand and gather up some of the bounty Mother Nature produces this time of year. Walk your yard for some fallen branches to add as a bit of whimsy, the skies the limit. Have fun and let your imagination run away with you. I'm looking forward to seeing what each of you come up with. Until next time..

hugs ~lynne~