Monday, December 29, 2008

The Wedding Story

Thirty years ago today the day was cloudy with a hint of snow in the air. There was a million last minute things to do. Flowers to get picked up, suits to try on to make sure the fit was right. Make sure the photographer was coming. Somewhere in there I had to make sure the food was being delivered. The longer the day went on the worse the sky looked. But the mood was euphoric. After all I was marrying the love of my life. By late afternoon the skies became gray, winds picked up and the rains began. it was raining, I could handle a bit of rain. The afternoon list of things to do continued on. There was still a ton of last minute things to do. Thank goodness I am a list maker and organized. By the middle of the afternoon the rains turned to snow. The snow was coming in ernest . We realized we might have a problem , the roads were already packed and beginning to get slick. We got a phone call from the gal that made our wedding cake. She couldn't come because of the roads. Dh took off to pick up the cake. I went ahead and tried to get some other things finished up, thinking he wouldn't be gone long. Boy was I wrong. A 15 minute drive turned into 2 1/2 hours. He said the ride was something else. Still I wasn't too worried. I thought the other guests would venture out to help us celebrate our love and come to our wedding. The wedding was to begin at 7. It didn't start until 7:30. The pastor had a terrible time getting there. The photographer didn't show up. The roads were just down right hazardous. Because of the roads the ceremony was short and sweet. The reception was cancelled and we got on our way. We made a 55 mile drive into the city to celebrate our wedding night. That 60 minute drive took over 3 hours. Yes, girls the roads were slick. The temperatures were dropping and it was freezing. We got to the hotel finally and had dinner. That was at least delicious. After getting to the room we realized we had more serious things to worry about. The room was freezing and there wasn't going to be any extra heat. Apparently, they were having trouble with the heat system. I would say they were having trouble. Ice had formed on the inside of the windows. We literally were freezing. So, we went out into the lounge to listen to the piano player and get warm.
The pearls were a gift from my Grandmother for my 12Th birthday. I wore them with pride. Our champagne toast to each other were out of these very glasses. The waitress felt so bad she told us we could have them. Each year we toast our love with these same glasses. The anniversary plate is now 5 years old. My girlfriend gave it to us for our 25Th Wedding Anniversary. Where has the time gone? There have been so many challenges over the past 30 years. A lot of ups and downs, mostly ups. Through all the good and bad times we've grown closer and closer. I love him more today than the day I married him. I count my blessings each and every day that I have the man of my dreams. My best friend. So to the love of my life Happy Anniversary honey.

As a little post note. We had our reception 2 weeks later at our home. We invited 250 of our closest friends. We expected them to come and go and they all stayed. Our little home was bursting at the seams. But I can't remember a more enjoyable evening.
Thank you for allowing me to share my day of joy and memories of our special day.