Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An Anniversary Celebration

A couple of weeks ago while playing with the dishes I came up with this tablescape. Originally it was to be used Christmas Eve, it didn't make the riffle. I ended up choosing the Royal Stafford. I thought it worked better with the Santa has the centerpiece. So, I put together this tablescape as a backup, I thought I would have my act together and get it posted before Christmas. Guess what, that didn't happen, lol. I hope you enjoy viewing it this week, the last week of tablescapes for the year 2010.
I don't normally decorate with blues for the holidays so had to rush out and find some blue ornaments to work into the arrangement. Do any of you do that? Change your mind midstream and have to rush to finish a project?
The ice and berry picks I had in my "large" supply of goodies downstairs, so I started playing with the arrangement until I came up with what I think works for the table.
If you look closely I popped in a couple of natural branches from the yard. Adding the crystal reindeer provided a bit more bling.
I've been wanting to use this Haviland china for a long time. Originally purchased a piece or two at a time from the local grocery store. Over the course of the last few years I've sold many sets in garage sales, this set has made it out there many times only to be pulled back inside. lol I've decided to hang onto it. It's the first full set of china I have. Except for one small detail. In one of the many moves we've made over the course of the last 32 years a cup got broken. I had forgotten about it until preparing for this tablescape. I tried to order one through ebay, thought it was on it's way only to be disappointed to find out the gal did not have it in stock. So, today I'll get back to my research and try to locate another cup to complete the set once again.

I don't recall where I got the flatware, it has a nice balanced weight to it along with some great details. I just discovered the reflection in the spoon, don't you love those kind of surprises? I love anything monogrammed, so when I spotted these last year at TJ Maxx I picked them up in silver and gold. Here you'll find a close up of the centerpiece. I just realized while working on this post, there is no champagne, or candles. When we were kids in school we would ask for a do-over. Guess I can have a do-over in the future, with the same china, different centerpiece and a bit more bling here and there on the table. :-)) Sugar anyone? The sugar scuttle is a cherished gift from a friend for my birthday a few years back.

Haviland China Harolds Grocery Store many years ago
Flatware I don't recall
Silver Edged Stemware Walmart
Monogrammed Napkins TJ Maxx
Silver Chargers Walmart
A little side note: 32 years ago today I married the love of my life. We've shared many things over the course of these years. There's been alot of laughter and joyous times. As we start our 33rd year of marriage we'll take those memories with us and create new ones. Remember to always cherish the moments you have, enjoy the laugher, we know not what tomorrow brings.

From our home to yours we wish you a Safe and Joyous Happy New Year! Until next time..
hugs ~lynne~