Friday, November 5, 2010

Doing a Bit of Dreaming

Hi everyone! I just realized I hadn't done a post in a couple of days or so, but as you can see I've been doing a "bit of dreaming". OK, I know I should be putting finishing touches on the shop, preparing the menu of cookies and treats that are to be served for the Open House; however everyone deserves a bit of a break right?

I was pouring through Traditional Home the other day and discovered some great pictures of things I would enjoy having around my home. In this picture I adore the plates on the wall. Although, I'm more fond of blue plates in my decor this same concept would work around an antique mirror I have hanging in the guest bedroom.

I would give almost anything to have these beautiful windows with the view beyond. They could even throw in the cute puppy. :-)) (I'm not sure Miss Scooter or Mr. Murphy would welcome another playmate) lol
With my love for books this balcony bookcase would feel many of my needs to be able to display a lot more of them. Love the hanging chandy. Although the ceilings appear to be quite high I think the rug grounds everything and gives a feeling of warmth to such a large room. What do yo think of the mismatched sofas?
Isn't the horse statue gorgeous? I'm not too crazy about the wallpaper are you? I'm sure you spotted this green sofa in the previous pictures, I wanted to share the "gorgeous" bouillon fringe. The added piping on the cushions is a nice touch. Wow! I love this center island. Can you imagine yourself gathered around this for the holidays all decked out with the turkey and trimmings? I'm wondering do you think the fridge is hidden behind that gorgeous armoire?
You could sure enjoy sitting here after a large meal and visiting over coffee and dessert. I love the centerpieces. Let's take our coffee and head outside for a visit. What a view!
All this dreaming has me plum tuckered out.
Thanks for swinging by to say hello. It's back to work for me. Until next time......
hugs ~lynne~