Saturday, June 9, 2012

~ You Just Never Know ~

Do you ever start a post and suddenly you're taken in entirely different direction? It happens to me all the time. As I was outside watering the flowers on the patio I noticed something on the leaf of the geranium, thinking it was probably a dead leaf that needed to be pulled, I reached down and just as quickly pulled my hands back. It wasn't a dead leaf, I had a visitor.
You just never know who's going to leap pop in around here. :-)

He has quite the umbrella doesn't he?
Almost prehistoric looking.
Have to admit I almost squealed like a sissy girl, instead good blogger that I am I rushed in to get my camera to take pictures of my little visitor. As much as I love the outdoors I don't care for bugs, I'd rather look at something pretty like pillows resting on a bench. How about you?

hugs ~ Lynne ~
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