Friday, December 9, 2011

~ A View of Some Christmas in the Kitchen ~

  In years past I went over the top with the Christmas decor on the hutch, I had a ball putting the vignette together. This year I scaled the Christmas decor way back. I wanted just a hint of Christmas here and there. Truth be known I love my blues and didn't want to have to put them all away. So... I mixed in a tad on the bottom shelf.
 I chose my favorite Snowmen for the vignette, notice the little guy is dressed in a blue jacket, funny how it all co-ordinated huh?
 Such happy faces.
 This snowman even carries a package all wrapped in blue.

 Every child and snowman needs their very own Christmas tree.
 The base of the tree is wrapped in a small burlap bag. I wanted to hide the base without adding a lot of greenery, thinking outside the box I chose a cream colored cup to sit the tree in.
 Another favorite of mine holds the bright shiny star....
 Reaching as far as he can....

So there you have a bit more Christmas in the kitchen. Are you finished with your decorating? I have a couple of places to tweak here and there, then I can sit back and enjoy the house all dressed for Christmas.