Wednesday, November 30, 2011

~ Dining Alfresco ~

For those of you that came to the Open House you might remember the outside table set up to welcome you. I love decorating the outside for the Holidays. With our cooler temperatures and the weather doing a drastic change there won't be any dining outside. I thought I would share a few close ups for those of you that didn't come by for the Open House.
I love the use of burlap as a tablecloth, adding the velvet ribbon adds another texture. The soft feel of satin cushions along with fine linens spark some excitement.

Mixing china pieces make a tablescape exciting along with fun. Last year I used the same dessert plate, the red and white plaid speaks Christmas to me.
All of you know I'm over the top with anything animal related. The small pup reminds me of Miss Scooter always waiting patiently for Mr.P. The plate is peaceful and serene, it's only need is a piece of  Chocolate cake. :-))
Do you prefer coffee, tea or possibly hot apple cider for your drink? The curvy handle of the cup sits gracefully upon the worn edges of the saucer ready for your drink of choice.
I just recently started layering napkins. After viewing many of your blogs I realized the layering effect is fun and adds more excitement. It also made me organize all of those napkins according to colors and seasons. lol
Pulling the napkin through the silver napkin ring pulls the table together. Although it doesn't show well  the charger is silver, had to add a bit more bling. :-))

For the centerpiece I used the hurricane globe with the candle on a timer. With all the winds we've been having this was the logical choice. The reds and greens on the foiled covered Santa's flow nicely with the red in the napkin and red and green plaid of the dessert plate.
Across the patio...

Thank you for stopping in to say hello.