Monday, November 29, 2010

Decorating with Mother Nature

I wanted to share a few last shots of the outside decor in front of the shop. I had the best time putting all of this together, from taking loppers to cut the crap apple branches to picking up sticks in the yard to pull it all together. :-))
The fresh cut greenery is starting to look a little worse for wear. If it doesn't rain anymore this afternoon I'll head out to the fence row and cut some fresh. The berries are holding up pretty well despite all the cool temperatures.

The ferns still look great. The added crap apple branches added a bit of color for a Christmas feel.
On Friday of the Open House it rained off and on all day long. I was just sick, thinking the beautifully wrapped packages would fall apart. The secret is not to touch them, they dry out and they're fine.

Not to forget the pots full of the creeping jenny, I added sticks and more of the crap apple branches. The plant was flowing over the edges so gracefully I hated to disturb their beauty before the Open House Event, before Spring is in full swing they will get a coat or two of estate black paint.

We don't want to forget to dress our outside light posts. To coordinate the decor I added more twigs, crap apple branches and naturally the bow.

When decorating your outside, you don't have to go buy all the latest outside Christmas decorations. Just look around your yard, use your imagination decorate to your hearts content with some of Mother Nature's Beauty. Until next time...
hugs ~lynne~