Friday, September 23, 2011

~ This n That ~

Fall has officially arrived. Hot and humid temperatures of Summer are a fleeting memory. As I was walked the yard taking notes of things to do before Winter, I snapped a few pictures of the last remaining blooms. 

Soft pink petals of the For-Get-Me-Nots

The Autumn Joy Sedum becomes more vibrant
with each day that passes.

off her beauty.

Didn't know this guy was here until
after I took the pictures. He looks a bit
annoyed, like I had disturbed his fun.

The fly didn't budge while I was snapping pictures.
I was really going for a close up shot of
pink thorns and the waxy beauty of the leaves.

As the sun shines on the barberry bush
we get a pink cast in some areas, in others
the deep intense red.

on more blooms each day, some the
lighter shade of violet, others are deep

Thank you for swinging in to say hello. I hope
your Weekend is filled with beauty and