Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Sunporch Gets A Bit of Christmas

I can hardly believe this is Christmas week, this year has flown by. As a kid we didn't think it would ever get here, as an adult it's here way too quickly. As I've mentioned I didn't do as much decorating this year as in year's past. I'm liking the less is more technique, and you all know I love my "things", this is really stepping outside my comfort zone. lol

Just a few berries and some crystal ice picks add a bit of Christmas flavor behind the iron lamp.
My love for snowmen and birdhouses is no secret. This little guy is one of my favs. I love how he balances himself on the huge snowball. Pretty cute isn't he? :-))
Adding a bit of berry vine dressed the birdhouse. I didn't realize until after I took the pictures and uploaded them, it needs a bow at the top. That's a project for next year. :-))

Another birdhouse. Yes, folks I have quite a few of them. Although many of them were sold in the estate sale, I hung onto those I treasure the most. (I think that might be a post for another time). :-))
Last fall the basket was full of fall foliage, trailing vines and more, you can view that post here. Filled now with crystal picks, Christmas greenery and a pop of red the basket takes on a different aura.

Last year the topper was the red firecracker sprays. This year I added the bow and a few more fun picks.

With Mr. P's love for flying I searched high and love for ornaments to fit the bill. Although you can't see many of them, you can spot a few with Santa taking the helm. Notice the plane to the right and top of the screen? It looks to me like Santa might need a bit more practice before taking off for his Christmas Eve run.
OK, there we go, up right once again and ready for take off.
I had a terrible time getting a decent full sized picture. Our days have been cloudy, and gloomy so when the sun popped out I ran up to grab a few shots, I took many; and believe it or not, this was the best of the lot and it isn't all that great. :-(
Thank you for swinging by the sun porch today. Until next time...

hugs ~lynne~