Sunday, June 26, 2011

~ The Office Reveal ~

This is where it all began a few months back. The office redo came after a phone call from a tax client asking if I knew of anyone interested in any office furniture. I was so giddy I could hardly sit still and finally, calmly ( not so much) said , "I might". Who was I kidding, I knew there was someone interested. You see the "beast" in the picture below had housed the 3 sewing machines in another area of the basement when I sewed all the time. Wanting to expand the shop area, my girlfriend and I broke down the screens and part of the "beast" and moved it back to the office, getting rid of the old fashioned metal desk that once occupied this space.

A closer look at the "beast". You can see it took up a lot of space in this verily small area. The hutch to your left actually goes on a display piece for the shop and was moved back to the shop. If you would like to go back and review the area before you can go here.

Finally, the reveal of the office as it sits now, I've only taken about a ga-zillion pictures and threw them out only to start over once again. lol Can't believe I started this process back in February. I painted the walls a beautiful color Furry Ottertail, filled holes and moved "tons" of things around. I can't believe the room was so dated before. The lamp was way to big for the area, but fit the size of "beast" well. Come along and I'll share a few other changes.
An antique dresser sat here before. With the credenza coming on site I had to do a lot of rearranging of furniture pieces. My daughter was beginning to wonder if I would make them all fit, I have to report I did. It's not crowded in any area, each piece is used and easily accessible. With no natural light this area is hard to get a decent picture.

This small chest was a find a few years back, was originally used for the printer at the end of the "beast". It wasn't the most attractive thing when I first saw it, tons of little people's stickers all over it. After a good sanding and then staining, sanding off the edges and a bit more stain on the top, it fit the look I was going for. I think it's a perfect at the end of the daybed. The clock was a find at Target many years ago, lamp is from J.C. Penney's a while back.

The back wall houses 3 bookcases. The center one is all cedar we brought from our previous home. The two flanking it were gifts from the folks that bought our previous home. Can't imagine why she would want to give them up, I'm so glad she did. :) They were a bit lighter when I brought them in, I stained them with provincial stain, I think the lighter color of the stained bookcases plays nice off the black. I've toyed with staining them black as well, I think it would be a tad to dark in here.
After the "beast" was moved out and the newer L-shaped desk moved in I realized I had a lot more space to play with. However, the one corner seemed a tad empty. I knew I wanted a chair there, I shopped the house and pulled this little cutie down from the Master Bedroom. The little marble topped table is from K-Mart many years ago. The black glass cabinet is one of 3 Mr. P brought in many years ago the cost "free", originally a nasty brown stain color, I stained all 3 pieces black. The other 2 are used up front and house things for the shop, a few dishes, books etc.

An Ebay find.
If you haven't read Gone With a Handsomer Man, you are missing out. You are drawn in from the beginning to Miss Teeny's adventure. I'm looking forward to her next.

A vignette on top the glass front cabinet. This sweet chest was purchased many years ago from a friend that was moving, originally white, again more black stain to the rescue. Before the faux fireplace sat here, with the big mirror above it. You can go here to view those before pictures. I think the space has a lighter feel to it.
The daybed was purchased when my Bailey was a baby. The floor was way to cool for him to lay on. The daybed fit the bill. Once the makeover started taking place I knew I wanted to replace the burgandy quilt on the daybed. You can view that here.  I originally searched and searched for navy toile. If I found any, the size wasn't what I needed or way out of my budget. One day while shopping on line I ran across this set at J.C. Penney's. My heart skipped a beat, I couldn't punch the number of items in there quick enough. It was perfect ! Deep navy with gold. Love, love, love it!!

A look at a few of things housed in the bookcases.

This is the area that held up the reveal for so long. You notice the blank wall and some exposed wires?
I have the cover for the wires, it takes two people to put the piece on the wall. If you remember, my girlfriend helped me before covering the other wires You can go here to see that redo. I cannot believe how bad it truly looked before. I think sometimes you live with something for so long you just get used to looking at it like that. Gotta say I really like the way things look now a whole lot better. :-) Any hoo, I'm still trying to decide what to put on this wall. First thought was cream colored plates, what do you think? Any ideas? Remember these are concrete walls.. I would love your input.

If you've followed my blog long you know I love lamps. I have an obsession with them. They speak to me and scream take me home. You can see many scattered through out the office area. While working in the other gift shop, they got this darling lamp in, I turned it down the first time. Then realized I "had" to have it, although quite expensive I'm so glad I purchased it. I think it's perfect for the office area. The details are incredible.

A bit of decor in front of the monitor.

A vintage dish with a touch of blue to hold my business cards. A treasure in itself, even more special it belonged to my Betty.

Years ago when I worked up town in the tax office, Daddy used to drive over and we'd head up for a cup of coffee and a piece of cherry pie at the local diner. Usually when he came in the desk was buried in paper work. The next time he came he brought this little postcard. ( I think he was trying to tell me something. ) Each time I look at it I smile thinking of the memories surrounding it. It has held a place of honor on my desk ever since.

Many of you have asked if the shop is attached to my home. As you can see sitting at the desk looking West you can see the shop. The shop has taken over 70% of the basement.  I love my commute each morning. :-))

The gate between the shop and my office is one Mr. P used to swing on as a child. Open the gate come on inside you'll be able to do a bit of shopping. :-))
Thank you for stopping by to see the office reveal. I know it has taken me forever to share it with all of you.  After taking all the picture taking and proofing, I decided it was time to let this post fly. The office redo seemed to take on a life of it's own. Once completed the fever continued, I've since painted all of the upstairs. I'll be sharing those rooms with you soon.

 hugs ~lynne~


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Lynne, your office is incredible. I love it all. You have it decorated and furnished so beautifully. What a fabulous place to work. Stunning. Hugs, marty

PAT said...

It looks beautiful Lynne!!

Unknown said...

Looks great . Your blessed to have some call you about some thing so special . Every thing is set up so nice . My parents had a book case with lift up doors like the one in picture 3 . I always loved it .

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Ohhhh Lynne...your office looks FABULOUS, sweet friend! It really is breathtaking...sure wished you could have heard all of my ooohs and aaahs as I took the tour!

You know, I didn't realize that your shop and office were adjoined! That's awesome and so convenient!

Girlfriend, I love your new "L" shaped really did open so much room for you! You know, one of my favorite things about your office is that wonderful wall of shelving behind the desk! I just adore the black hutch looking's awesome! And...I love the natural wood toned shelves to either side of the black hutch! I would leave them "as is", my friend! I love how the natural wood makes the black hutch stand out! It really is perfect and I love that look!!! Love your new navy and gold daybed set from Penneys! I still love all of their bedding...hehe! This set is gorgeous and it looks exquisite on the antique looking brass daybed...sooo pretty!!! Of course, I love all of the pieces that you have moved down to your office! Each piece is so beautiful and it all looks so "at home"! Ohhh...and I love all of the beautiful vignettes that you have created in this space!!! have truly done a spectacular job with designing, building, and creating this room! BRAVO!!! I'm just tickled pink for you, dear friend!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your newly redone office with us! I have been so anxious to see it! I just knew it would be stunning...and IT IS!!!

Love ya,

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You did a great job decorating your office - very pretty! What a pretty environment to work in.
I was getting no where with the redo projects here, so just took a break from it all for a while.
Have a great week.

Scribbler said...

What an enviable commute! Your office is fabulous -- and I think I would never get any work done because there is too much cool stuff to look at in there!

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne! Your office is marvelous! I love how you've dressed every area! I need to redo my bookshelves and never feel like I've done them right! You do have the most wonderful things.
be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

9405018--Pat said...

Great job Lynne, looks wonderful!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi Pat, thank you for coming by and being so sweet with your comment.. Wasn't today hot? Guess Summer if officially here..
hugs ~lynne~

Nellie's Cozy Place said...

Hi Lynne,
this is my first time to visit and I enjoyed it very much. Loved what you did with your office, it has a sort of cozy, frenchy, european old world feel to it. Just lovely!!

Very nice job of accessorizing!

Have a lovely week,
blessings, Nellie

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

First I want to say that you did a really wonderful job! be perfectly honest, I loved the way it looked before. :) What a cozy place to snuggle down to bookwork! I loved the old lamp..everything about it!

No matter how you had reconfigured your office, added or taken away, it would have been lovely because that is just how you do things. It's called TALENT Lynne, and you have that in abundance!!
Still...the old office..*sigh*

Love and hugs,

Mary Bergfeld said...

You've really been busy, Lynne. It looks wonderful and all the time and effort spent on the office shows. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Teeny said...

This is a DREAM office--I love it!How kind of you to mention GWAHM--thank you so much!

Grammy Goodwill said...

Is furry ottertail really a color? That's the funniest thing I've seen. Your office looks so good. I like too many things to comment on just one. Oh, but I have to. It's the gate between the 2 spaces. Oh wait, and I love the postcard about bothering your own secretary. Very clever.

. said...

Your office looks amazing! It's so warm and inviting, with tons of storage space. My favorite part is the black cabinet between the bookshelves. It just makes that entire area feel built in.