Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Pops of Spring On The Shop Patio

After I open the shop each morning I take a walk around the patio with a cup of coffee, the view this time of year is so warm and welcoming the pops of color bright and cheery.
As the flowers begin to take
over the planter boxes I notice I still have a bit of cleaning up to do. With all the winds of late I cannot get ahead of this game the weeds and leaves seem to be playing.

The purple bugle weed is finally beginning to spread into other areas, the sweet lavender color fun and whimsical.
As you walk along the wing wall the flower pots and wheel barrow are over flowing with color. The rich green against the brick is breath taking.
I've had the umbrella out for a while now, heavy winds have prevented me from enjoying the view it has once it's opened up. This is where you'll find me many afternoons all summer and late into fall.
I love ferns and so does the house, they thrive well here and on the front porch. I don't have quite as much "stuff" out as previous years. You can view those pictures HERE  and HERE. I'm loving the less is more look right now, however, I think I miss the pops of blue and white. What do you think? Less or more?
I've used the same round cushions for more years than I care to say, by the looks of the pictures they're in desperate need of an update if only I can find some. I would love to have some black and white stripe ones. I know many are going with loads of color, I personally like the stately timeless feeling the black and white lends to the patio.
The bench is about 18 years old and has held up well. I put a coat of stain on it a few years ago and plan to again once our rainy days have subsided. Doesn't look bad for an oldie does she?

The only thing missing is you sitting here visiting with a cup of coffee..



Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I wish I could come sit with you and chat and then SHOP!!!! I would love that! WE had a very similiar bench at the other house but it was out in the yard so was in bad shape when we moved here. It finally stopped raining here so we will finish up the mulching today and get the pots out to plant flowers!!! YEAH!

Amy at love made my home said...

Everything looks so beautiful!