Friday, March 31, 2017

The New Wall Reveal

I truly thought I could get this posted before now. Between the shop open house and clients in the office, I have been snowed under. None the less, let's move on with my reveal, I"m so anxious to share with all of you.

The half wall leading out of the master bedroom into the living area has bothered me for years. Making a random comment to my contractor and daughter one day got my wheels turning, not that they ever slow down much. One of my contractor's favorite sayings is "anything can be done". I mulled over in my head what I wanted, I put pen to paper and did some figuring, got on line did some research, next stop the lumber yard to price and evaluate ship time. Cause you all know once we get something into our heads we're anxious to move forward. 
Throughout the process
of redoing my home, I've been on a very "strict - tight" budget. I've recycled where I could. I've been fortunate not to have to buy a lot of extra wood. Case in point when I installed the pocket door I was able to use the existing door with no moderation to the door. You can see that post HERE and HERE. The floor plate for this project is actually the top piece of the existing wall. It's a beautiful piece of solid oak I stained 21 years ago, it fit like a glove, again no moderation needed.  As always my little photo bomber is close by, she's a clingy little baby has to be in the middle of everything.

Measuring placement of the holes to be drilled was an intricate time-consuming detail. If the measurements are off your project is not going to turn out like you like.
After the measuring was completed 50 holes were drilled, 25 on the bottom plate,
And 25 on the underneath side of the oak railing. Before the wrought iron balusters were put into place a little over 3" had to be cut off the wrought iron baluster for the desired height. After measuring a small reciprocating saw was used for the cutting process.
The shoes as some call them others call them boots were slid up while we placed the wrought iron decorative balusters into the bottom hole.
I chose a spiral style baluster and a few of the basket style balusters. I was advised to choose one with some bulk these are 3/4 styled balusters in a black satin finish. The 1/2" balusters would have looked like a pencil holding the railing up, due to the open area I'm so glad I went with the 3/4" size.
I cannot tell you how pleased with my choice. The area has taken on a whole dimension. It feels modern up to date. Dare we say just down right pretty?
Monday I finally got the picture of Murphy dog rehung. I had to bring in the 8' ladder and jostle myself around to measure and hang the picture at the same time to figure the height. Angels were with me the measure was right on the money first time around.
This is the view as I walk out of the master each day. To say I smile at the transformation is an understatement.
The last thing to be done was to rehang the hand railing going downstairs. It had to be relocated to the north wall due to the south wall being taken out. There was a lot of measuring done. I had no idea hand railings were hung at different heights and different angles.
After all the dust has cleared, touch up painting had been done. balusters glued in place, shoes back down and tightened the pleasure I feel each day when I see this gorgeous sight is unbelievable. What do all of you think? Stick around folks I've been busy with a few more projects, I'm looking forward to sharing those updates with you. Have a super weekend!


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Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh my word, I love it, it looks amazing and opens up the space so much. I want to have one small wall taken down and railings put in upstairs in my loft area, it would open things up so much. I just have to save pennies for a while. The pool is costing me both arms and legs, so I need to grow a few more then I can make some more remodeling happen.