Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas in the Entry

In the middle of my Christmas decorating is when I decided to start scrapping the popcorn off the ceilings. I do have a tad of holiday cheer here and there, nothing as I had planned, a small amount is better than none. I've struggled more this year with holiday cheer than I did last. I know it's a process a journey one I'm working my way through. Taking out one of the many nativity scenes has helped, the meaning behind it is precious to me.
A short view
into the living area holds the view of the Christmas tree. If I don't get another thing out I always enjoy decorating the tree. It's many branches hold ornaments collected over the years, a tree full of memories. I'll share the full tree soon.

A couple of weeks ago a phone call from a girlfriend produced a random trip to the city. I hadn't taken a random trip in to the city on a Sunday in many many years. It was exactly what this girl needed. We headed to BriarCliff to Nell Hill's and had an absolute ball. This was our first shopping trip together. One filled with laughter, a short stop for a bite to eat and the best conversation ever.
As you walked into her grand entry we spotted a display similar to this one. We both had to have birch logs, (wish I had purchased more). I tired to mimic it the best I could. I already had the deer and sold the greenery in the shop this year, I had purchased the red berries last year during a 1/2 off sale. The cost for me was $8.00 for the basket and $12.00 for 3 birch logs.

Are you still decorating? I hope you've enjoyed the process this year and have the meaning of the season within your hearts.
An update on the ceiling saga. The guest bedroom, short hall, and guest bath are finished. I'll share the guest bath in a couple of days or so, I've decided to repaint the walls, trying to work it in after I close each evening. I hope you stay tuned for updates. As always thanks so much for popping in and letting me know what you think.
Fondly ~ Lynne ~
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Amy at love made my home said...

Your tree and other arrangements and decorations all look so pretty! I hope that the other decorating goes well too - the ceilings! Happy Christmas! xx

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh so pretty, love your nativity and your tree is stunning.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I love nativities too, Lynne. Yours is beautiful. Your tree looks beautiful too! Love the vignette with the logs and love those deer! I have a deer thing:):) XO

Pat said...

Most every year the first thing I unpack for Christmas is the Nativity!!!
Our first year here, we had the Lodge Tree. . .no ornaments or lights and the Nativity!!!
We had moved on December 14, then helped our son and daughter~in~law move into a duplex while they were building their new home.
Hope we don't have to move that close to Christmas ever, again!!!
I adore the display with the deer and the birch logs!!!