Saturday, December 19, 2015

Touches of Christmas in the Master Bedroom

There's something about a pillow that can change up an area in a short sweet second. They add character and life to a dull space. My love affair of pillows has gotten out of control. I had promised myself I wouldn't purchase any new holiday pillows this year, well that lasted about as long as the thought crossed my mind. You know how it is when a pillow speaks to you it has to go home with you. That's exactly what happened when I spotted this pillow last fall. Can you blame me? 
With all of the
other work going on at the other end of the house, I didn't want to take a lot of Christmas out. I did want a touch of it in the master bedroom. The lantern I've had for many years and have decorated it in many different ways.

This year I brought out the glittered reindeer, they add a bit of softness to the hard edges of the lantern.
I put a couple of iced snow picks on the inside, not a lot just a touch of Christmas finery.

Running a close second to my love of pillows is my love for throws. If you follow Mary Carol's blog you know she occasionally shares a Market Fresh sale. When she shared pictures of this throw I knew it would find the perfect spot in my home. I had hoped to find winter bedding this year, time got away from me. So.... it goes on the list of things for next year or the next.

Bathroom painting update: Well, after I closed the shop I started painting the guest bath. I thought the color of the gray I'd been using was a perfect choice only to discover it's way too dark for the room, it's a windowless bathroom with oak accessories. So off to the store I went first thing this a.m. to pick up more paint. When in doubt go a semi soft white. I hope you stay tuned to see where this color takes us. As always thanks for popping in and sharing your thoughts with me.
Fondly ~ Lynne ~


Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Hi Lynne! I think the Christmas pillows that were out at the stores this year were especially beautiful and I picked up several myself. Home Goods especially knocked it out of the park - in price and in style! Your Santa pillow is very sweet and I love the simple touch with your lantern. Jane

Pat said...

Oh, dear friend. . .I adore your Santa pillow and throw!!!
Thank you for sharing your newest finds!!!
Don't give~upon your bathroom. . .just keep at it as time allows!!!
I'm sure it's going to be gorgeous!!!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Hello Lynne- I can see why you couldn't pass up that pillow! Funny I bought three pillows as gifts this year for my sisters. It seemed like an especially good year for them. Best wishes to you for a Merry Christmas!