Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Family Wall Gallery

Quite a while back I did " a lot " of painting in the office and sewing area of the shop. Since then there have been many changes to those areas. Let's just say I've been putting some of my tools to good use around here, it fills the many hours in a day. 
The area where I do a bit
of sewing, was in need of an update. I had to do some heavy duty searching to locate the before pictures, if you like you can view those HERE. If you were brave enough to look back did you say W-O-W! Oh my goodness my tastes changed. Can we say it was a little on the busy side? Anyway, I digress.
Gathering all the pictures together with a few other treasured items was a lot of fun. Before the wall gallery came into play the pictures were scattered in the shelves of the office bookcase. I really like the impact they have now all in one place. I love gallery walls and the stories they tell.
I had a lady crochet our last name many years ago. Through out the years you might find it on any wall of our home. When the gallery wall came into play I felt it's place of honor belonged on the gallery wall.

Mr. P as an infant. Was he just not the cutest baby? This picture was an actual postcard, on the back it reads 11 months, 11 days 26 lbs. 31" in height, 4 teeth grey eyes, light brown hair. He grew into the most handsome man of 6'2" , many called him a gentle giant.

The E. Pearson St. picture was a gift from my Catie a few years back. She took the photo while on a trip in Chicago.

The "old" Stella High School, a picture given to Mr. P many years ago. Now the building is torn down the memories and stories he told while going to school there could go on for hours and hours, many of them quite funny.
The large P plate was purchased at Nell Hill's quite a while back. It's another one of those floating pieces, floating from one room to another. Since I spend a large part of my day in the office and sewing area I get to view this wall many times a day.

So... there you have the new gallery wall. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments.
Fondly ~ Lynne ~


Ginger said...

It looks great. You've been a busy gal, huh? I love all the different frames.

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

That looks wonderful! I like that it has so many meaningful pictures in this gallery. Looks like you have been keeping busy!

Alycia Nichols said...

Lynne, you have just provided me with a wealth of inspiration! I have been wanting to do a gallery wall in our library, but I've not had the courage to just step out there with it. I guess I always fear putting holes in the walls! I'm going to just let that fear go and get busy with it! It's wonderful to look back on the history of your family (the picture of Mr. P as a baby is just TOO precious!!!), and I know people who visit would be thrilled to gain insight via a wall like this. The few portraits and diplomas I have there already spark conversation, and I'd love to embellish it.

Wonderful wall, Lynne! Thanks for the inspiration!

Sue said...

What a lovely gallery wall! Hmmm...now I have ideas floating through my brain to make my own! :)
Thanks for sharing.

Yarlette said...

Love your wall gallery. So nice to have old family photos to look at every day. I have boxes of so many old pictures and I think I will get them out and do a gallery like you did. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Honey, you out did yourself..I truly do love your wall of memories..I have so missed you girl..much love and hugs from my mountain to yours..gloria

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What a great wall of memories. It's beautiful, Lynne. I always have a wall in my home like that...however not here. It's the circumstances...
Keep busy my friend...it's a wonderful healer..and helps pass time..which is what really heals.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I also like it a lot!! Your customers will enjoy it also. Mr. P was a real cutie! :)
I thought about creating a gallery wall on my stair wall some time ago, but did not for what ever reason. Good thing I did not, as the a/c drain line backed up and ran down the wall. Oh the joys of living in a condo and sharing an inside wall with a neighbor - but I digress. :/
Enjoy your evening.

Pat said...

I adore your gallery wall, dear friend!!!
All the precious photos to stir a memory of loved ones!!!
Certificates and crocheted names, amazing!
"Mr. P" was a beautiful baby, indeed!!!
"Mr. Ed" and I did a Galley Wall a few years ago, also.
On the right, is mostly my family (I'm Right Handed).
On the left, mostly is family (he's Left Handed).
In the middle, at the top, is our son and daughter~in~laws engagement photo.
The large frame in the middle is chicken wire with clothes pins.
The photos can be swapped out for Season, Anniversaries, Birthday's , etc!!!
I love, love, love that yours is in your office/sewing room.