Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter Lake

With temperatures being in the 60's today the illusion of Spring was in the air. The winds howled out of the South at a brisk 20 mph. The sun helped melt the snow, the beauty of the lake from the front 
porch is breath taking. I never tire of the view, no matter the season it's always beautiful and peaceful.

Ice formed captivating images.
 Frozen solid a couple of days ago the coyotes walked from one side of the lake to the other with no problems, today you see patches of water. They'll have to make their way over to the other side the long way around at least for awhile. We know Winter isn't over with, we'll have more snow, ice and cold coming our way. (secretly hoping NOT TOO soon).

 Through the limbs the view is mesmerizing. I wonder what truly lies on the other side of the lake this time of year. Standing outside is a bit chilly so back inside I go.....
 To keep my hands and minds busy with upcoming features for you to view.

Fondly ~ Lynne ~


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I had no idea you lived so close to a river! How beautiful! With so much on your plate Lynne, I am glad you have such a lovely view! Hang in there dear friend. Times will get better, Spring will come again soon with it's promise of better times. It always does.
I often wonder how animals in the wild survive such harsh conditions, but they do. Life is so fragile and yet so resilient. Much love to you.

Pat said...

Mesmerizing views across the lake, dear friend!!!
Amazing how a few days can make such a difference in our temperatures here on the Prairie!
"Mr. Ed" & I have been busily preping pieces in the garage during the 60's temperatures this weekend!!!
The project list is still rapidly growing!
Hoping for a "booth"space soon!!!

Blondie's Journal said...


These are wonderful pictures. It almost looks like fall! I bet the coyotes crossing the ice is something to see.

I hope your holidays went well. I'm trying to find time to visit more. Sending a big hug!


Bonnie said...

Lynne so good to hear from you. What beautiful winter pictures. Hoping things are some better. I have missed you.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I didn't realize you live so close to a lake!!! How wonderful. I would LOVE to live on a lake and have a pontoon boat. That has always been a dream, but one that won't happen:):) Beautiful pictures!!!! XO