Friday, July 14, 2017

The Summer Master Bedroom

I know it's been quite awhile since I've put a post together. I've been staying busy trying to out run all the quiet around here. I'll have several updates to share with all of you, from taking a short trip out East to all of the changes around my home.
 Last week a girlfriend
and I made a trip into the city, I haven't been since February; it was like turning a child loose in a candy store. Recently Home Goods opened a store in Liberty it was one of the many stops we made that day. I always gravitate towards the lamp isle, and what do I spot? These glorious blue and white lamps, I knew immediately where I would put them. I haven't had lamps on the dresser for almost 4 years, I feel as though they put the finishing touches on this side of the room. You see I'll do without until I find just the right thing for the right place.
I finally pulled the plug and made a decision about changing out the Winter bedding to Summer bedding. I've had the white comforter since February and had truly planned to return it. I just felt it was too cold and stark even for Summer. However, the room needed to have a lighter feel for the hot days of Summer that have hit our area.
I used the same pillow shams and throw pillows. After putting the white comforter on I stood and realized I could fold up the dark navy bedspread at the end of the bed, it pulled it all together, I love the look. My girlfriend said the nicest thing,"Are you at Nell Hill's? " The comment sure made my heart sing. Who doesn't like to be compared to the greatest designer I know?

The lighter throw was pulled out for the bench at the end of the bed, the layered textures adds more interest to the beautiful carving at the of the bed.
 My view looking in from the living area. Can we say ahhhhh????
 Looking in from the Master bath. The top of the black and white cabinet got an accessory redo.
I simply moved these beautiful jars from the dresser, adding the dog statues. A quick and easy update. I'm wondering if I need a picture behind these beautiful pieces, what do you think?

The room is already for the hot days of Summer, only to be changed in a few short weeks. I'm in the process of ordering new carpet, so the unloading of things will soon begin. I'm so excited to have the carpet changed out and everything new and fresh. I'm wondering do I need to add another color possibly a shade of green? What do you think?

Fondly ~ Lynne ~
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Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

This looks so pretty and inviting.

Alycia Nichols said...

Hey there, Lynne! I understand the whole "trying to outrun the quiet" thing. I hope you have found some success in that. It's not always as easy as it sounds. Keeping busy with decorating is a great way to do it, though, and you've created a dream of a bedroom. (Pun intended!) I agree with your friend...Nell Hills quality. In fact, I was just at Nell Nill's about 2 weeks ago. Walked out with half the store! I feel so ashamed...but giddy with excitement because I got some REALLY good stuff!!! I also went to that Home Goods in Liberty about a month ago. It's nice! I'm mad that my girlfriend talked me out of getting some pretty, colorful glass compotes. They would have been such a nice addition to my dish collection. Oh, husband will begin working at the hospital there in Liberty in October, so I'll have plenty of chances to get up that way.

I don't comment a lot anymore (busy, busy, busy and unable to sit for long with this crazy back), but I try to "ghost visit" often. Take care, have a wonderful weekend in the comfortable surroundings of that glorious bedroom, and don't let the quiet deafen you.


Lynn your bedroom looks beautiful in the ever lovely blue and white. I love the pair of B&W lamps.
I love the serenity it projects.
Have a great weekend.

Blondie's Journal said...

I love the lamps and how you have carried over the blue shade in your rooms. This color has been appealing to me very much, lately.

Your homes is lovely! We have a similar bedroom set!

Amy at love made my home said...

Very pretty, and fresh and summery!

Unknown said...

Your bedroom is so peaceful and beautiful with all the blue white. I couldn't resist coming over for a look from Amaze Me Monday. Rest . . .