Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fourth of July Primitive Style

With yet another gloomy day in our neck of the woods I've spent the morning going back through the archives. As I looked back through all the pictures the memories that erupted were some of laughs and some of tears. These last few months have been full of challenges, I keep trying to meet head on with a smile upon my face. 
The shop is one of peace and enjoyment for me even on the numerous cloudy days we've had. I'm sure at some point the sun will shine constantly and we'll all be looking for shade to cool off under. 
These pictures were first

shared on July 2, 2010. Where has the time flown too? The style and merchandise of the shop has truly changed over the last few years. Notice the hunter green carpet? It's now a tan color and feels more open,  Primitives were all the rage 5 years ago. As in life things have come full circle and primitives are hot once again.
 Roosters were also the rage I can't tell you how many I've sold, I know there were a bunch that flew out the door to new homes. Again roosters are a hot seller around here.

 The porcelain faced doll was a great seller. She has the most angelic face. Don't you love the braided hairstyle?  Wish I could get these eggs back in, I can see so many ways to use them around the shop.
Remember when everyone was scrambling for metal stars? The patina on this metal star was incredible. In the back ground notice the unpainted woodwork?  I believe I painted it white the summer of 2012.  I truly wish I had taken more pictures to share of "all" the changes over the course of the years, the changes have been plenty.

So there you have a re-shared version of how the shop looked 5 years ago with primitive Fourth of July accessories . Please tell me which picture did you like the best? I'm slowly adding primitives back into the shop to heighten more customers that decorate in that direction. I hope where you are the sun is shining and you're enjoying your Fourth of July weekend. If your staying at home do you have any big plans made? Please share inquiring minds want to know. OK this noisy noodle wants to know. lol  I'll be working here and there trying to play catch up on so many things that need to be addressed around here. Thanks for taking the time to pop in and say hello.
 Fondly ~ Lynne~


Carolyn said...

Happy fourth of July!
We celebrated Canada here yesterday.

Interesting shop.


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing, Lynn. I don't have a lot of primitives out here, but I like to mix in a few here and there. I recently gave away my basket full of primitive dolls. I kept a couple, but all the others found new homes. I need your Old Glory sign for my post this week. '-)
Happy 4th of July.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

No sun shine here - stormed off and on this morning.
I used to decorate with primitives - mid 80's til late 90's. Gave lots away and sold a lot in a yard sale. Did keep several things, but daughter has claimed most of them. :)
Hope you have an enjoyable and safe holiday weekend.

Pat said...

Sugar mold votive holders and Teddy Bears speak volumes to me, dear friend!!!
My daughter~in~law loves the Large Tin Stars, yellow ware and grey pottery with a blue band.
My style is totally Traditional on the upper level living areas,
but you'll still find a "touch" of primitive in the lower level Family Room!!!
"Mr. Ed" and I will join our Choral Members for a Fourth of July Breakfast
and finish with a hot dog "cookout" for us the two of us here on our side of the Prairie!!!
Happy Fourth of July, to you, dear one!!!

Sue said...

That's a hard call, but I like all the pics with the bear in them. :) He's really cute. Love the rooster too.
I used to be into primitives more, but since they've been coming back in again, I haven't been able to get into them. I suppose my decorating tastes have changed and may stay that way. But then again, who knows? Right? :)