Sunday, December 7, 2014

Living Room Make Over For $22.33

Before we get too deep into the holiday season I thought I would share a change I made over the course of the summer. As many of you know one change leads to another a chain reaction of sorts. If we let it change can be daunting, I like to roll with the flow and let things happen slowly.  When I make changes I think long and hard about them, knowing the dollars have to stretch as far as they can. Many of those changes will be for a very long time.
For quite sometime

I had a mirror hanging on this wall with pictures hanging around it. When the transformation of the living room began I felt the mirror was too heavy. I sold the mirror and the pictures were moved to another area of the home. The "Murphy" picture has been in a couple areas of the home. You can view those rooms HERE and HERE.  Once I moved the picture the previous lamp didn't work with the area. I found this lamp and shade at Lowe's. It was exactly what I had envisioned for the table.
The lamps and shades are sold separately so you're able to mix and match to your heart's content, until you find the perfect match. They are coded with letters as to how they see them paired, you have that option to choose from if you're uncertain.  Going for a lighter and more of an up to date look through out our home I chose the linen shade.
Love, love, love the texture.

For a long time I had an iron legged table sitting on this half wall. One day it dawned on me it needed to be moved. My girlfriend and I did a switcharoo. That table ended up in the office, but only for a short time. This table came up from the office. You'll have to stay tuned for THAT up date. :-) I love the lamps purchased a very long time ago, I just didn't care for the shades any longer.
While shopping in Lowe's for the other lamp and shade we spotted these darling square shades. They gave the lamps an updated inexpensive new look.
Pretty cute.
Have you ever looked back at pictures and wondered why on earth you decorated the way you did? That's exactly what I'm saying right about now. This area is SO FULL AND SOOOOO BUSY!! This wall is screaming for an update. I really wanted the entertainment center gone. I felt it was way outdated and just down right bulky looking. One Sunday afternoon a couple of friends came down and out to the garage it went to be sold in the garage sale. So far I've spent minimal dollars for the update. One lamp and three shades. Woo- Hoo!! I am on a mission.
Amazing huh? The room is so much larger now. I simply moved the black drawer front table over for the T.V. to have a resting place. I then moved the clock over from one wall to above the T.V. Moving the T.V. over meant redoing the wall behind the chair and ottoman and moving the small table and lamp over slightly behind the chair. Are you still with me? I've been doing a lot of shaking and moving around of things. 
The wall gallery always felt as though it was missing something. Even though it doesn't look like it here it looked to me as though it was leaning towards the steps to the basement shop. So one Sunday afternoon...
I got busy and shifted everything to the left. My goodness what a huge difference it made. I gathered a few things from around the house and added them to the wall. My newest piece is the "gorgeous" blue and white platter I won from Carolyn at Aiken House & Gardens. The platter is from
Nancy's Daily Dish. If you love transferware Nancy's is the go to for any pattern or color.  I have many pieces from her and have been pleased with each and every piece.
Can you say GORGEOUS!!!! Thank you so much Carolyn and Nancy. Thank you for being so patient with me making up my mind for the perfect piece of transferware.
The pillows and drapes that started it all. Quite some time ago I took down the red drapes and said I wouldn't hang a curtain or drape until I found just the right thing. That took a very long time. I didn't mind the bare windows but I'm a drapery kind of gal. When I spotted these gorgeous things in Country Curtains I knew they would be perfect, and they are. I did some checking for you and they are still available. You can find them HERE. I got them when they were on sale that kept my makeover cost down.

And here you are.
Another view....
So... let's break the makeover down. The sale of the entertainment center, mirror, red drapes and floor lamp more than paid for the draperies bought on sale. That left enough over to be able to splurge on the pillows found on sale at Penney's I still had a few dollars left over for part of the lamp and linen shade. So out of pocket expense for this makeover was less than  $22. 33. Since these pictures were taken I've made a couple of other "little" changes. You know the routine, if you're a blogger nothing stays the same for long.
I hope you've enjoyed the small changes I've made to the living room. I'm loving the warmth of the drapes and pillows give to the room.
Fondly ~ Lynne~


Salmagundi said...

Looking good! Love the drapes. Sally

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh I love all the changes, so pretty and you have definitely make some fabulous changes for pennies. Great to shop the house and fill in with some thrifty finds. Looking good.

Pat said...

Gorgeous room, dear friend!!!
Lovely transformation on a budget!!!
I smile, because I have a "little" planning going on for 2015!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful, Lynne!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Sally, thanks so much. I enjoy the warmth they bring to the room. fondly ~lynne~

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Marty, thanks so much. I'm enjoying the process. fondly ~lynne~

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Pat, I can't wait to see your changes. fondly ~lynne~

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Shelia, thanks so much. Not quite as large as your change, a small change that's made a big difference to me. fondly ~lynne~